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Parking options at Jackson Hole Airport, which is located within National Park boundaries, has very limited parking spaces  available.
   Short-term Parking lot  - rows 1 & 2 are for short-term parking up to 2 hrs.
Fees: First 2 hours free, then $5 each additional 30 min up to a maximum of $100 within 24 hours

   Long-term Parking lot  - rows 13 - 22 are for long- term parking. If they are filled, use instead rows 3 - 21 of the rental car return lot.
Fees:  Free for first 5 hours.  Thereafter, $17 per day.

  Pay-Display Park:
three yellow overnight parking pay stations are on the east side of the parking lot and take credit cards or cash. Just follow directions on the display: pay, display your receipt and park.  

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JAC Airport Parking Map

Jackson Hole JAC airport parking map

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