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Kristianstad Osterlen Airport KID serves South Sweden's city of Krisianstad and its surroundings.  It is located in the town of Lyngsjo, and is 16 km southwest of Kristianstad. KID Airport is accessible via motorway E22 (exit route 9 south - Dagebergavagen road. 

Kristianstad Osterlen Airport has a small passenger terminal with a restaurant. Those who have a dog may leave their pet at the Airport's dog dayay center ('Hunddagis')- a very unique amenity, which should catch on at other airports!

NOTE: Check-in opens 45 minutes prior to departure and closes 20 minutes before departure. For charters it opens 2 hours prior to deparure, ending 1 hour before departure.
Special protective plastic bags area available for strollers, and so are baby-changing facilities.

Everod, 297 92
Contact: [email protected]
Phone: +46 44 23 8800 /fax 8871

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