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Lanzarote Airport ACE serves Spain's island of Lanzarote, part of the Canary island chain and is operated by Aena.

ACE Airport is located 5 km southwest of capital city of Arrecife, on the Canary island of Lanzarote, Spain. It is accessible from motorway LZ-2 (ArrecifeYaiza), by exiting at kilometer 4. Its major air traffic is derived from the United Kingdom & Germany.

With 6.7 million passengers in 2016, Lanzarote Airport is served by a host of national, international, regular,  & low-cost airlines, as well as charter companies - some offering flights to domestic destinations Madrid-Barajas, Gran Canaria & Tenerife Norte, while most others offer routes to/from European Union countries.

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Lanzarote Airport has technically only one terminal - divided into Terminals 1 & 2 and the Inter-Island terminal. Both terminals 1 & 2 have a ground level P0 and a first level P1; the new ‘Inter-Island Flight Terminal’ was built on top of the existing passenger terminal, with separate facilities.
Terminal 1 has airline gates 1 - 12 and  Terminal 2 has airline gates 1 - 5.
Facilities shared by both terminals are rental car desks at exit doors of baggage claim,and taxi service outside the terminal. The Information service of Aena is opposite the rental car offices.  Other amenities and services at Terminals 1 & 2: Aside from a good selection of shops in both terminals and levels you find the following amenities:
    At Terminal 1:  Aena Information is on levels PO, P1 and T2. ATM machines are on level P1 (2), P0 (2);  Lost Luggage is handled on level PO by Clever, Spanair & Swissport Menzies. Lost & Found is on P1; First Aid is on P0; Police Station is on P0 (tel. 928 823 159); Meeting point is on level P0; 10 tour operators are all located on P0; Travel agency ‘Jetsetters’ is on level 1 (P1).
   The Guacimeta Lounge on level 1 of T1 is a pay-in lounge & also caters to holdersof airlines' business-class tickets & club cards. Location: opposite of gates 1-2 . For more information e-mail [email protected]
    At Terminal 2:  ATM machines are on level PO. Lost Luggage is handled by: Atlantica Handling for Binter and Islas Airways at level P0.  The Exhibit Hall is on P0. 
    The Inter-Island terminal:
 - The departure area has a large hall with automatic sliding doors and ticket desks in front of it, with security check and boarding area on the same floor. Shops are on one side of the check-in desks and a cafeteria on the other.  
 - The arrivals area leads to baggage claim, and building exits. 

Apatado de Correos 86
Arrifice, Canary Island, S-35500
Phone: +34 91 321 1000

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