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Milan Malpensa Airport MXP
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Public transportation from Milan Malpensa Airport:  Terminal 1 is accessible from  Milan's center by taking the Malpensa Express train from either the Cadorna, Milano Centrale, or Milano Porta Garibaldi stations.
To get toTerminal 2 use the free shuttle.
Train & bus tickets are available at (a) T2 Arrivals, from Airpullman Viaggi (tel. +39.02.585832.02); and (b) from Airport 2000 for bus ticket, at T1, Arrivals, ground floor; (c) Malpensa Express for train tickets at T2 Arrivals A & B, Ground floor, and at level 1 of the railway station.

 - A new railway station is located at Terminal 2.
 - Malpensa Shuttle Coach buses depart  every 20 minutes for the Milan Central Train Station.

By Train via (a) Trenord or (b) Trenitalia:
(a) via TRENORD:
- Malpensa Express
offers railway connections from Piazza Cadorna Station or from Milan Central Station to Malpensa airport Terminal 1(both Malpensa Shuttle & Malpensa Bus Express - visit: www.malpensaexpress.it  - serve Milan's Central Station).
    Malpensa Airport  to Milano Cadorna:  44 daily trips; takes 29 minutes.
    Malpensa Airport to Cadorna, with stops at  Milano Bovisa, Saronno, Busto Arsizio: 35 daily trips;  takes 36 minutes.
    Malpensa Airport to Milano Centrale:  14 daily trips; with stops at Milano P.ta Garibaldi & Milano Bovisa; takes 43 minutes.
    Malpensa Airport to Milano Centrale: 37 daily trips; with stops at Milano P.ta Garibaldi, Milano Bovisa, Saronno, Rescaldina, Castellanza, Busto Arsizio, Ferno, Lonate Pozzolo; takes ?
- Line S5 to Treviglio/ Pioltello/ Busto FS/ Varese Passante Ferroviario:
pecial bus running hourly from Busto FS to Malpensa Airport between 7:39am & 8:39pm, with stops at Busto Nord and Ferno. For more information visit: trenord.it.
- Line Bellinzona – Luino – Malpensa Terminal 1
  offers 14 daily trips, stopping in Busto Arsizio Nord and Ferno/Lonate Pozzolo: departing Malpensa at  5:50, 7:50 & 11:50 am, and at 1:50, 3:50, 5:50 & 7:50 pm. For more information open either www.trenord.it or www.tilo.ch.
The Milan-Central-Gallarate FS line
of Trenitalia can be reached via Bus SACO.  For more information contact: www.trenitalia.com.

By Bus: 
- ATM Urban Lines 73 & X73
both offer departures to Milan's Piazza San Babila M1.  While line 73 runs daily between 5:3am - 12:35am every 10 mins - line X73 departs 7am-8pm and runs Mon-Fri, 7am-8pm. (visit: www.atm.it.)
Both the Malpensa Shuttle and the Malpensa Bus Express connect to the Milan Central Station, which is hub for Trenitalia's National Railway, and to the Metro. At normal traffic it takes about 1 hour.
- The Lufthansa Airport Bus connects both Airport terminals every 20 minutes to the Milan Central Station, stopping at Fieramilanocity & Milan Fair, which request stop at Rho/Pero. It also serves the nearby Lombard, Piedmont & Liguria provinces, as well as Bellinzona, Chiasso & Lugano in Switzerland.
Transfer to Linate Airport 
s available via scheduled bus service.

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