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Montgomery Regional Airport MGM
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Guest Services at Montgomery Regional MGM Airport

Other services offered at Montgomery Airport: (For most e-mail inquiries use: [email protected]

The Customer Service & Visitor Center
(tel. 334-281-5040) offers general airport information, as well as information on area attractions and amenities, taxis & shuttle services.
The Business center has desk seating and free internet access & electrical outlets.
The Layover Lounge with TV and available cocktail service is open 10am-9pm.
Meeting Rooms of various sizes can be rented by calling 334-281-5040
Airport Police: tel. 334-281-9567, weekdays 8am-3pm
TSA Security information: toll free 1-866-289-9672 or in-state 334-288-3774; or visit:  tsa.gov.
U.S. Military reception area for military personnel and their family:  call 334-281-5040 or e-mail [email protected]

Lost & Found

1. For items lost onboard your airplane, or for lost baggage, contact your airline's 800 number.
2. For items lost in the terminal, contact the Airport Police at 334-281-9567 or email [email protected]

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International Travelers at Montgomery Regional MGM Airport

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