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Nassau Lynden Pindling International Airport NAS (also referred to as 'LPIA') serves the Bahamas islands (a chain of 26 island) and its capital city Nassau.
LPIA Airport is located on New Providence island, 16 km west of the capital city of Nassau,and about 230 miles East of Key West, Florida. Coral Harbour Road is the access road to the Airport.

With two runways and over 3 million passengers a year, Lynden Pindling International Airport is a major hub for Bahamasair and is served by a good number of major and charter airlines offering seasonal and year-round services.

As Pindling Airport has U.S. Border preclearance facilities - all U.S. flights operate as domestic flights upon arrival at the United States.
U.S.-bound passengers (including green-card holders), Canadian passport holders, and those of Visa-waiver countries, may now use one of the self-service APC kiosks at the U.S. Customs /Nassau Preclearance area (instead of the old customs declaration form) for expedited entry process by following  on-screen instruction; after completion, collect receipt & proceed to a USCBP officer completing the process. Persons living at the same address may use the same kiosk.
U.S.-bound passenger with B1 or B2 visas with electronic passport (e-passport) may use the new APC's (automated passport control kiosks) - allowing elibible Bahamian passengers to use them in the U.S. Customs hall.

Lynden Pindling Airport now has three terminals: Domestic /International Departures and Domestic Arivals A with U.S./ International Arrivals B under one roof and the U.S. Departures Terminal C connected at their secure area.
   TA houses
at the entrance a restaurant, shop, shop, ABM, bank; International & Domestic Check-in, and security check leading to the gates.  A separate domestic baggage claim is for arriving passengers.  
   TB houses U.S. & international baggage claim and customs, with a restaurant and a resort reception area near the exit.
   TC houses at the entrance a nurse's station, shops, and U.S. check-in facilities, with separate U.S. Customs preclearance and security screening, and acces to the gates:
      U.S. passengers use Gates B30, and C40-59.
      All other passengers use gates B22-29 or A gates (not numbered)

- The new Lignum Club is a premium passenger lounge, opened in 2015.
- A branch of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)  - tel. (242) 377-7179 - is availble in the International section. ATM cash machines - are available in the US Departures Lounge ( for $US) and in the Arrivals/ International Departures Lounge (for $B). 
- Self-service APC kiosks now reduce waiting times at US Customs Clearance. 
- A new Electronic Boarding Pass system allows passengers to merely swipe their electronic device at each point of check-in, security & US customs clearance - saving much time
- For Lost or Found items call 242.377.1759 /fax 2138.


Nassau, New Providence Island,
Contact: [email protected]
Phone: (242) 702 1010

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