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Guest Services at Newark Liberty EWR Airport

Other Services offered at EWR Airport:

Airport Guest Services, Airport Information and Travelers Assistance 
- An EWR Airport Information booth and Travelers Assistance pointt are located in each of the terminals. For more information, contact Airport Information at 973-961-6000.

Traveler's Aid Volunteers:Visit the Welcome Center at Arrivals level for location or call 973-353-0033; (the Traveler's Aid Main Office Number is 973-623-5052). 
Travelers Aid is located at : Terminal A, Arrivals, at the 'Welcome Center' or call 973-623-5052;  at Terminal B, tel. 973-623-5052;  and
at Terminal C, tel.353-0033.

Baggage Storage - contact your airline as the Airport does not provide lockers.

Global Entry / Trusted Traveler Network - alows expedited clearance for pre-approved low-risk passengers on arrival at U.S.  You can apply online at globalentry.gov.

Hotel and Spas:
The on-Airport Marriott Hotel can be contacted at 973-623-0006.
Terminal A Spa - 973-877-1051 "Massage Bar" on the concourse level
Terminal B Spa - 973-565-9900 "Departure Spa" on the concourse level
Terminal C Spa - 973-242-3444 "Departure Spa" on the concourse level

Paging someone:
Call 973-961-6000 for Terminals A & B; call 973-681-0002 - option 5, for Terminal C.

Gas Station
Gulf Gas Station & 7-Eleven is located at 100 Lindbergh Rd., tel. 973-624-0500.

Lost & Found

Newark EWR luggage or items lost onboard an aircraft or in transit to/from a destination? Left in a terminal or curbside with an airline tag? - Contact your airline directly. 

Luggage/items left at TSA security checkpoints? - Contact the TSA Lost & Found at 908-787-0667.

Mail Center


Pets are not allowed inside the passenger terminals, unless in a kennel;  except working dogs on a leash.

Pet relief areas are located outside of the arrivals /baggage claim area of each terminal - follow signs there, or ask a Customer Care Representative for information. Owners are expected to clean up after their animals using available materials provided there.  (No pet relief areas are in the secured areas of the terminals).


Smoking is prohibited in all public areas inside the passenger terminals at Newark International Airport with the exception of specifically designated areas within the liquor bars, where smoking is permitted.

International Travelers at Newark Liberty EWR Airport

International Arrival facilities are in  both Terminals B & C - With the exception of those who cleared US Customs at participating airports, all international arrivals at the U.S. need to go through passport control (or use the APC kiosks if eligible), pick up bags, go through customs control, and proceed to the Interntional Arrivals Hall - if continuing journey (provided their airline will transfer bags to your connecting flight) - use either the Airtrain (pre-security) or the shuttle bus between Terminals C & A.

Conditions of automatic baggage transfer by airlines:  1. If you booked al flights on one ticket; 2. if your airlines belong to the same Airline Alliance;  3. if the 'operated by' airline has a code-share agreement with the listed airline (i.e., XYZ Airline, operated by ABZ airline). If neither applies, you need to take your bags along to your connecting terminal & re-check them in there before proceeding to security check and gate area.