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Nice Cote d Azur Airport NCE

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Business Services at Nice Cote d Azur NCE Airport

Business Centers are in each of the two terminals For more information call 0820 423 333:
At T1: 6 rooms, 5 offices, a lobby for cocktails/ buffets;
At T2: 4 rooms, 3 offices, & a lounge in the Arrivals Hall.

The Service Center at Terminal 1 offers the following services, among others: printing (on USB flash drive) faxing, issuing tickets to club lounges, handling Lost & Found issues, deposit letter, and left baggage, baggage strapping, & dry cleaning).  Tel. 0 820 423 333 or e-mail: [email protected]

VIP Lounges are in the Departure lounge of each terminal, accessible to all paying passengers. Tickets may be obtained online, or in the lounge by credit card, or in the Service Center of Terminal .

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