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From Oita Airport you can rent a car, take a taxi (taxi stands are in front of the passenger terminal), or a bus (Bus stops 1, 2 & 3 are across from International Arrivals) and the Hovercraft Boarding slip is across from the charter bus parking lot.The Horbar Hovercraft.

Specific colored bus stops are marked for the following bus routes:
- Green: for bus to Oita station via Beppu Kitahama - taking 60 minutes; (46 mins to Beppu Station)
- Pink:  for bus to Beppu-Eki Mae - taking 46 minutes;
- Purple:  for nonstop bus to Yufuin via highway - taking 55 minutes;
- Brown: for bus Nakatsu Usa, bound for Bungo-Takada - taking 110 minutes
- Blue:  for bus to Saiki /Usuki via hihway- taking 127 minutes.

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