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Guest Services at Prague Vaclar Havel PRG Airport

Lost & Found

For items lost at the check-in counter, at the departure gate area or onboard the airplane, contact your airline.

For items lost in the passenger terminal, you can call within the airport from any public or mobile phone by using extension 5000.  To contact Lot & Found from outside the Airport call 220 1115 000, or +420 220 11 5000 (from outside the country), or e-mail:  [email protected]

Mail Center


Pets are not allowed at the Airport unless they are working dogs or are in a safe kennel. Contact your Airline as to their requirements. Check with your vet as to EU requirements, and with the embassy of the country of your destination (outside Schengen countries).


Smoking is not permitted at the Airport (or any other Schengen-affiliated airport).

International Travelers at Prague Vaclar Havel PRG Airport

Passenger Tips

As your hub for information about Prague Vaclar Havel Airport, iFly.com can help you get to, through, and between airports with ease. Here are some suggestions that can help you on your visit to the airport:

  • Need some cash or local currency for your trip? Check here for the location of in-terminal ATMs or currency exchangers.
  • Find business services here, like copy machines, postal services, or notaries.
  • In the event of an emergency, the airport is prepared to accommodate those with special needs and provide medical attention for minor medical issues.
  • Check here to view a list of which airlines are served by the airport.
  • Be sure to know how long you will need to wait at the security checkpoint closest to your gate.
  • Take advantage of the free wifi and explore the web if you have some time before your departure! Additionally, you can relax, grab a snack, and browse the shops.
  • If you're flying into a city from another location and require a speedy way to reach your destination, contact one of these taxi or limousine services.