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Regina International Airport provides both short- and long-term parking options. All parking stalls have complimentary electricity.

Short-term Metered Parking is available in over 130 metered stalls located immediately in front of the terminal building. Meters accept loonies and quarters. A change machine is inside the terminal building near the Rental Car Counters. Fee:
Each half hr or portion thereof - $1, up to 2 hrs max.

Long-term Parking is provided for over 600 vehicles. Pass-through is allowed if you entered the long-term parking lot by mistake. You will not be charged if you exit within five minutes of entry. Fees:
First hr or part thereof - $2
Each add'l hr or part thereof $1, up to
Daily max (24 hrs) - $9
Weekly max (7 days) - $56.

Payment Method: Upon exiting, pay at the parking booth by cash, debit or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express).

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