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Airlines Served Ithaca Airport ITH

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Your Guide to Airlines Serving Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport

The airport (ITH) is serviced by several major air carriers, offering travelers convenient access to a variety of destinations. With an average of X daily flights and nonstop service to X destinations, it stands as a popular choice for both business and leisure travelers.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is one of the most prominent air carriers here, offering daily flights to several major destinations. Known for its exceptional customer service, Delta Airlines ensures a comfortable and stress-free travel experience. Additionally, Delta provides a range of in-flight amenities including Wi-Fi access, entertainment options, and comfortable seating, making long flights more enjoyable for passengers.

United Airlines

United Airlines also operates daily flights from this hub to several domestic and international destinations. It is celebrated for its extensive route network and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. United Airlines goes the extra mile to ensure a seamless travel experience, offering features such as the ability to track checked bags in real-time and a user-friendly mobile app for easy flight management.

American Airlines

American Airlines provides nonstop service to several key destinations from ITH, focusing on affordable fares and outstanding customer service. This airline is a preferred choice for both business and leisure travelers. American Airlines also offers a loyalty program, AAdvantage, which allows frequent flyers to earn miles for travel, upgrades, and other benefits, enhancing the overall travel experience.

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