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Trieste No-Borders Airport TRS

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Trieste No-Borders Airport TRS, also known as Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport, serves the north-eastern Italian region of Fiuli Venezia Giulia and its city of Trieste. The Airport’s catchment area stretches also into neighboring Slovenia and Croatia. Many flight schedules adjust to the summer & winter seasons.

TRS Airport is only 0.56 km west of the town of Ronchi dei Legionari (Gorizia), and 1 km off the A4 Trieste-Venice motorway (Redipuglia exit). It is also near Trieste, the region’s largest city..

With a long runway  and 741,776 passengers in 2015, Trieste Airport is served by domestic, international, regular & low-fare airlines, offering direct flights to European cities, with connections around the world. The Airport’s winter season starts at the end of October and ends at the end of March, during which time many flights depart for popular ski resort areas..

The three-level passenger terminal at Trieste No-Borders Airport has completed its renovation project. It houses 13 check-in desks, 9 boarding gates, 2 loading bridges, and a VIP Lounge.
    The Gound Level is divided into Arrivals & Departure areas and offers:
 - at Arrivals is a baggage claim area, passport checkpoint, Lost & Found, first aid station, taxi office, customs check point, post office, Flydirect general aviation, Jat Airways, Tourist information & Customs (Tel. +39 0481 778070).
 - at Departures is a security check-point, a bar, Airport ID office, check-in desks, a duty-fee shop, a FVG Lounge, passport checkpoint, and Gates 1 to 5. 
 - Accessible to both departing and arriving passengers are: rental car counters, Belleair, a bank, the ticket office,  AFVG Travel, and a news & gift shop. 
    The Mezzanine level houses Gates 8-9 and 6-7, with three passport check points.
    The Upper level has a Skyview restaurant & bar, a meeting room and a conference room (near the stairway & lift).
Parking is available in three open-air car parks.  For more parking information, contact Sogepar at +39 0481 474487.

Current Airlines serving Trieste Airport:  Alitalia, Bora Jet, Lufthansa, Mistalair, Ryanair & Volotea.

Present and future Airport developments:  After terminal renovations during 2016/17 were completed, construction started on the Intermodal Pole annex to Trieste Airport - to be completed by 2018 - allowing interchange between various means of surface traffic, which is to improve the  public transport system and regional passenger mobility. 

Via Aquileia 46
Ronchi dei Legionari, Gorizia, I-34077
Phone: +39 0481 777438

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