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I am flying out of Dublin on Delta connecting thru AMS. I see I checkin at Terminal 1 because it's a KLM flight from DUB. Do I then go to Terminal 2 to clear U.S. customs?
No, Since you are connecting in Amsterdam you can't do Preclearance in Dublin. You will clear US Immigration and Customs at your US Airport point of entry.
We land at 7:15AM (March 2017) in AMS from Washington DC on KLM, we are looking to book a flight at 8:25AM to Basel, is that enough time? Will we go thru customs and passport control in AMS? We may fly KLM or easy jet, KLM told us 2 different stories about if we need to pick up and re check our bags, some agents said no since they are both KLM flights and others told us yes because they are 2 different tickets/reservations, does anyone know?
Yes, you will go through Passport control in AMS. If you show your Basel confirmation on KLM to the KLM agent in Washington, they should be willing to check your bags through to Basel. In that case you won't have to claim them in AMS. If you fly Easyjet to Basel you will have to claim them in AMS.
Thank you ZAP. Will an hour be enough time to get thru passport control in AMS if KLM in Washington is willing to check our bags through to Basel?
Yes, that would be just enough time.
Thank you for your help!
1 hour layover in Amsterdam. Flying Delta Los Angeles, CA to Stuttgart. Will I need to go through customs and claim baggage? Do I have enough time?
Your transfer time should be enough; however, I suggest that you open, click on 'Terminal Map' under QUICK LINKS'& scroll down to the detailed text - particularly Arriving/Connecting Procedures & Transfer/Time.
You will not have to claim your baggage. You will go through Schengen Passport control and security when you enter the Schengen pier of the the terminal for your flight to Stuttgart.
Hello everyone!
I'm flying from Russia to the USA through Amsterdam and Seattle. I'm not an experienced traveller, so could you please describe the sequence of actions that will take place as soon as I land in Amsterdam (Schiphol)? This is my first trip with connections and I am a bit nervous! Thanks in advance!
In Amsterdam, since both of your flights are outside Schegen, all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate, where you will go through security. When you get to Seattle, you will arrive at the S-Satellite where you will go through US Immigration, collect your baggage, go through US Customs, then re-check your baggage with Alaska Airlines/Horizon who will be operating your flight to Pullman. Then you will go through security and take a few underground trains to your departure gate for your flight to Pullman.