Rio de Janeiro Galeao Airport ( GIG ) Public Transportation

Transportation options from RIOgaleao Airport:  It is highly recommended that you stop by at the Rio State Tourism Authority desk and buy your prepaid taxi voucher there, instead of going straight to the taxi stand (or at least make sure that the meter has been cleared before entering the taxi). Alternatively, take one of the blue, green or white Radio Taxis, which may cost a little more than the yellow taxis, but charge a fixed rate, regardless of traffic, or time of day.  (The best of the yellow taxis outside are run by the Aerocoop & Aerotaxi companies.)
Airport shuttles to hotels & beaches run on an hourly basis.

By Subway:

City Subway:  The Vicente de Carvalho subway station is interconnected with Rio’s Bus Rapid Transit network (BRT) -  directly connecting with RIOgaleão - see 'Bus' on top.
The air-conditioned subway is clean, safe, quick, and offers excellent signage. It runs from Ipanema through Copacabana to Downtown and beyond - however, it is closed after midnight (except during Carnival). Note that lines 1 & 2 are integrated between Central and Botafogo - check train's destination if boarding within the integrated section for a destination in the Zona Norte.
   Subway Line 1 (Orange) serves Ipanema (General Osorio), the Saara district, most of downtown, and Tijuca.
   Subway Line 2 (Green) stops at the zoo, Maracana stadium, and Rio State University

By Bus:

1. The BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) uses exclusive corridors for faster connections - using the TransCarioca expressway and stopping only once at Vicente de Carvalho subway station 
- getting you to downtown Rio at Barra da Tijuca, and beyond. Buses run 24/7 at current fare of R$ 3.00.  You may catch the bus at the following stations located at both terminals outside of their Arrivals Area:
   At Terminal 1, at Gate H (Galeao - Tom Jobim 1 Station
   At Terminal 2, at Gate D (Galeao - Tom Jobim 2 Station
2. 'Real Auto Onibus':
    - Routes 2018, & 2145:
(tel. (21) 3035-6700 & 3836-1700 or visit: operates an executive bus service, which runs every 30 minutes from Terminals 1 & 2, level 1,  to: Central Bus Station, Rio's downtown, Santos Dumont Airport, along the shore of the southern part of the city, with the last stop at Alvorada Bus Terminal in Barra da Tijuca.  They also operate a more direct route. Bus ticket counters are in the Arrivals area of both terminals.
    - Real Premium bus (color blue) runs 8:30 to midnight, every 30 minutes, taking 90-150 minutes.. It runs through city center, passes Santos Dumont Airport through the South Zone & goes on to Barra de Tijuca.   Note, however, on your way to the bus stand in the City after 8 pm, use caution.
    - Route 2018 to RJ/Alvorada (via Orla da Zona Sul) runs between both airports, the main bus terminal, the beach front of Botafogo, Copacabana, Ipanema & Lelon.  Its terminus is at Alvorada Terminal, at Barra Shopping mall of  Barra da Tijuca.  The entire trip takes one to two hours - depending on traffic.
    - Route 2918 to RJ/Alvorada (via Linha Amarela) runs to te Alvorada bus terminal via Jacarapagua, along the Linha Amarela takinngabout 40 mins.
    - Route 2145 to RJ/Aerporto Santos Dumont (via Seletiva da Av. Barsil/ Av. Pres.Vargas) runs to main bus station.
    - Route 2145 to RJ/Aeroporto Santos Dumont (via Linha Vermelha e Perimetral) runs to main bus station.
3. Urban Transport Line 761-D (tel. (21) 4004-5001 or visit stops at terminals 1& 2, at level 2, and runs to Charitas
4. Empresa Paranapuan (tel. (21) 3398-9201 or visit:
    Line 915 stops at terminals 1 & 2, at level 2, and runs to Bonsucesso.
    Line 924 stops at terminals 1 & 2, at level 2, and runs to Bananal on Governador Island.
From Galeao Airport to Santos Dumont Airport:
take Real Auto Onibus routes 2018 or 2145.  
From Galeao Airport to Jacarepagua Airport, located in the Barra da Tijuca area: GOL Airlines offers regular free bus transfers for their passengers.

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