Asiana Airlines

Important Information

Carry-on Baggage Rules & Fees

Onboard baggage includes a carry-on bag and one personal item, which could be (a) a small suitcase, handbag, laptop, books & small duty-free goods; (b) baby food for onboard consumption; (c) assistive devices; (e) a guide dog; (f) If musical instrument is less than 115cm (larger ones need to occupy a separate seat at cost). While Economy Travel class is allowed one piece of baggage up under 10kg/22lb and total height/width/length not exceeding 40x55x23cm - First & Business Class are allowed two pieces of the same size & weight. If carry-on piece does not fit under your seat or in the overhead bin it will be sent to the aircraft hold.

Checked Baggage Rules & Fees

"1. Note that most worldwide destinations now apply the Weight Concept, while the exceptions thereto still use the Piece Concept. These concepts apply to free bag allowance, to oversized, and to additional bags (by weight or by piece). 2. Free checked bag allowance applies to the following routes: (a) USA route (trans-Pacific); USA mainland & USA territories; Canada departures/arrivals; Latin America departures/arrivals via Pacific (incl. Mexico, Caribbean islands); (b) All other routes including Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Europe, and the non-Pacific USA route. 3. The free bag allowance for international routes is applied to domestic routes connected to the international route of Asiana Airlnes. 4. Different free bag allowances for Asiana Airlines & Star Alliance in Gold, Diamond, Diamond Plus & Platinum categories apply. Note that if you are An Asiana Club Gold, Diamond, Diamond plus or Platinum member, you qualify for Star Elite benefits.


  • Destination All other routes including South-East Asia, China, Japan, and Europe, and non trans-Pacific U.S. route
  • Linear dimensions/weight
  • Regular size & weight fees Economy Travel - up to 20kg/44lb free, except on Korean domestic flights 15kg;
  • Overweight fees Bags over 23kg will be charged 1.5 percent of current full normal economy fare per kilo.
  • Oversized fees
  • Business Class Business Class
  • First Class First Class
  • Infants Infants
  • Destination U.S. Route (trans-Pacific); U.S. mainland and American territory (incl. Saipan); Canadian departures/arrivals, Latin America departures/arrivals via Pacific (including Mexico, Caribbean island countries)
  • Linear dimensions/weight Under 23kg/50lb & 158cm
  • Regular size & weight fees Economy Travel class: First 2 bags under 23kg/50lb & 158cm, and totaling under 273cm; no bag to exceed 32kg.
  • Overweight fees Over 23 kg each piece $110 (L.A., Seattle, San Francisco); $130 (NY, Chicago) $50 (Saipan). However if one bag weighs between 23-32kg, an extra charge applies of $50.
  • Oversized fees
  • Business & First class Business & First class
  • Infants Infants