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BWI : Connecting Flight after International Arrival Jan 18, '19 Comments: 1

Baltimore Washington Airport Gate Connections

I will be arriving BWI on an international flight, then I have a connecting domestic flight. Upon arrival, after going through Customs & Immigration, will I be dumped outside the security area and have to go back through TSA to get to my domestic flight, or is there a way to stay in the security area. I will have a carry-on only.
All flights requiring immigration clearance use Concourse E. I'm not sure if you can remain inside the TSA perimeter if your connecting flight is on Concourse D or E. If your connecting flight is on Concourses A, B, or C then you definitely will have to exit security and re-enter. At this time, Concourses A, B, and C are connected and Concourses D and E are connected but there is no connection inside the TSA protected area between the two groups of gates. The airport is in one building so moving from one concourse to another on the public side of the airport is pretty simple.

To make life easier when determining the gate for your connecting flight:

Concourses A, B, and C: Southwest, American, and Contour
Concourses D and E: All other airlines

BWI : Flying thanksgiving eve Nov 20, '18 Comments: 0

Baltimore Washington Airport Gate Connections

Flying Thanksgiving eve.
Southwest isp-bwi arriving 7:15 predicted gate a2
Southwest bwi-cvg boarding 7:35 with a departure of 8:05 predicted departing gate b37
Is 30 min enough time to go that fat? Carrying on only
A swa flight attendant said that I should be fine but I wanted to ask here too. Thanks!

BWI : Full lots? Nov 08, '18 Comments: 0

Baltimore Washington Airport Parking

Will the daily and long term lots fill up completely by Thanksgiving morning?

BWI : Help with luggage Oct 06, '18 Comments: 1

Baltimore Washington Airport Traveler Help

I have recently started using a walker and need to know how to get my luggage to check in when I am dropped off at the airport. Is it possible to arrange for a skycap to meet me? Should my husband park the car and accompany me to the desk? (He won’t be traveling with me.) I assume that when I return, there will be someone who can help me get my luggage out to the curb for pickup.

There are skycaps at BWI. You can ask the folks at the ticket counter to call one for you when you are ready to go. There is no charge for skycap service although tipping is generally expected.

The airline will call for a skycap to assist you from the plane to baggage claim once you arrive -- just ask at the ticket counter. It doesn't hurt to mention it to the flight attendant as well.

BWI : time between gates Oct 02, '18 Comments: 2

Baltimore Washington Airport Gate Connections

how long will it take to walk from GATE A6 to GATEB6 at the Baltimore airport
It all depends on how fast you walk as you can stay inside the TSA perimeter to travel between gates. Here is a link to the terminal map from BWI's website:

If you want a clearer map, you can also use the PDF map:

BWI : connections Sep 30, '18 Comments: 0

Baltimore Washington Airport Gate Connections

arriving Baltimore airport October 9th from Rochester NY at 6:35 pm on Southwest not much time to connect with southwest flight to Milwaukee are the gates fairly close for Southwest change of planes?

BWI : Night shuttle Aug 20, '18 Comments: 0

Baltimore Washington Airport Ground Transport

How often does shuttle run at night

BWI : Concourse Aug 16, '18 Comments: 0

Baltimore Washington Airport General Topics

Good afternoon. I am departing from BWI to Montego Bay, Jamaica on Southwest Airlines. From what concourse does Southwest international flights depart?

BWI : Concouse C Jul 30, '18 Comments: 0

Baltimore Washington Airport Food, Shops, Services

I wanted to go to a store - Marshall Rousso in Concouse C... can I get there without an airline ticket?

BWI : transport to car rental for disable Jul 20, '18 Comments: 0

Baltimore Washington Airport Traveler Help

Hi I want to fly in and I need to get from gate to luggage to car rental? I can only walk short distances
How can I get help? I have not bought my flight ticket yet.