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Where is the elevator located in terminal? Coming from SW Florida (RSW). Changing to go to PVD (Providence). Please let me know.
Good afternoon. I am departing from BWI to Montego Bay, Jamaica on Southwest Airlines. From what concourse does Southwest international flights depart?
My daughter has to go from baggage claim 1-5(Southwest) to 10/11 to meet a group. Can she do that without going outside? Looks easy on the map but want to confirm.
Getting between baggage claims is easy -- they are all along one hallway. No need to go outside.
What are the hours for the Travelex Currency exchange counter? Are they open in the evening?
I have an appr for interview for global entry On Dec4. Where do I go? Where would I park for most convenience?
have lost my flight info for dec 18, 2017 from bwi to nashville
If you arrive in Concourse B and need to go to Concourse D for a connecting flight, do you need to go through Security again? BWI is not the final destination. Connecting flight is domestic not international.
B and D are not connected inside security. So you will have to go through security to access concourse D.
Thanks for the help!!
If I am coming from overseas and I bring something with me that I want to ship to a friend, is there a tax I must pay?
Duty depends on what it is and how much it is worth.