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eyes in the sky
is smoking allowed anywhere in the airport
Hello, I'm picking up my wife this afternoon and was trying to find a map showing where the arrivals where being picked up. I'm new to BWI and do not want to come too early (and circle the airport) or too late. Thanks for the help. Bart Nave
Where is the elevator located in terminal? Coming from SW Florida (RSW). Changing to go to PVD (Providence). Please let me know.
Good afternoon. I am departing from BWI to Montego Bay, Jamaica on Southwest Airlines. From what concourse does Southwest international flights depart?
My daughter has to go from baggage claim 1-5(Southwest) to 10/11 to meet a group. Can she do that without going outside? Looks easy on the map but want to confirm.
Getting between baggage claims is easy -- they are all along one hallway. No need to go outside.
What are the hours for the Travelex Currency exchange counter? Are they open in the evening?
I have an appr for interview for global entry On Dec4. Where do I go? Where would I park for most convenience?
have lost my flight info for dec 18, 2017 from bwi to nashville
If you arrive in Concourse B and need to go to Concourse D for a connecting flight, do you need to go through Security again? BWI is not the final destination. Connecting flight is domestic not international.
B and D are not connected inside security. So you will have to go through security to access concourse D.
Thanks for the help!!