Track Departures

Using our CNF flight tracker you will be able to gather rich data on all flights departing into Belo Horizonte Confins Tancredo airport. We offer an interactive experience, where you can track the status of your flight with extensive filtering capabilities to get you the details you need, such as departure/arrival times, terminal and gate number, aircraft type, aircraft altitude & airspeed, approximate time to land, distance to go, and a map showing the position of the airplane being tracked.

How to use our Belo Horizonte Confins Tancredo departures tool: There are several ways to display flight status results. You can:

  • search by flight if you know the airline & flight number,
  • search by route if you know the origin and destination,
  • or use the ‘Airport’ tab to either get Belo Horizonte Confins Tancredo airport flight departures information, or select an alternative airport

Further filtering will refine the CNF airport departures search results

  • filter by ‘Arrivals’ to see all CNF flight departures for the specified date that will be landing at CNF airport
  • filter by ‘Airline' to get the Belo Horizonte Confins Tancredo airport flight status for that airline
  • filter by ‘Status’ for the CNF flight status sorted by flights scheduled, in-air, landed, delayed or canceled

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Note: All times listed are local times unless otherwise stated.





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