Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

The Airport offers thousands of parking spaces at various lots, with short-term, long-term parking and membership parking. All parking lots are open year-round, 24/7. Make sure you park at an authorized parking space, avoiding to be towed away, in which case you would have to contact the local police station. Note also that the area close to the terminal is designated only for passenger drop-off & pick-up. The airport waives all responsibility for the safety of your vehicle.

Basic Parking Options & Fees:

1. Short-Term Parking - in multi-story car park in front of Terminal 3: with 2,000 spaces. Only for up to 24 hrs!! To get to T3, you can either (a) access it from Level G, walk straight towards the terminal and cross the road at the marked spot; or (b) from the first floor of the car parkthrough the curved passage. When you reach the Terminal please ascend to the third floor, or to Level G, for performing the necessary flight arrangements. Fees:
First hour � NIS 16; special rates NIS 25
Each add'l 15 mins - NIS 3; special rates NIS 5
Daily max (24 hrs) - NIS 80. special rates NIS 130

Main Long-Term Parking - Uncovered/covered Lots: available in an uncovered area with 2,100 spaces, and a covered area with 110 spaces - open 24/7. Signposts will direct you to the parking lot. Rates for parking in the Non-Roofed Parking Lot: Fees:
24 hrs - NIS 35
Each hr thereafter or part - NIS 9 up to
Daily max - NIS 30/day

No. 1 Short-Term & Long-Term Parking - in multi-story car park: in front of Terminal 1 - also limited to 24 hrs, with 1,400 parking spaces. Fees:
First hour � NIS 16
Each add'l 15 mins - NIS 3 up to
Daily max (24 hrs) - NIS 80
Long-Term daily - NIS 80.

Payment Methods: Drivers may pay for parking with foreign currency, Israeli currency, or a credit card.

Tel Aviv Ben Gurion ( TLV ) Airport Parking Map

Tel Aviv Ben Gurion TLV airport parking map

Cheap Long Term Parking Near Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport ( TLV )