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When I check in my big bag at BGA for PC786 to SAW, then PC 535 to ROME, and Then I have a short connection at FCO to AZ 1575 to AHO, Can I request that my bag will go straight to AHO, so that I don't need to collect it at FCO
I can't find any information stating that Pegasus Airlines has an Interline agreement with Alitalia. It doesn't hurt to ask, but I think the answer will be no.
I left my Bose headphone in case in flight BA0163 on July 31, 2016, I reached Israel on July 31.
My luggage was remain at Telaviv air port on April, 06 2016 ( It did not sent to Ethiopia) What can be the reason? is there any mess at the Telaviv airport? / what?????, but I did not expect such thing at Jerusalem / Esrael.

I saw carelessness on Ethiopian Airlines for customer case even if the only way to communicate with any external airport is through them.
If you have any information....

I left my laptop on delta flight 46 from Tel Aviv to New York City (JFK)...please helpt
You need to contact Delta.
switched bag with someone on flight United 90 from EWR - TLV on 11/30

please let me know if you have it
your name might be yuval?
Flew atlas jet from Ben Gurion airport, checked in my luggage with tag 1C 275949 on flight kk 6014 on 3rd of November. My luggage did not arrive. wondering why. could it have been intercepted by security? cos i had some medical equipment in it
You will have to contact your airline. This is not the airport or airline's website.
Flew from Tel Aviv to London on the 19th Oct and still waiting for the bag to arrive, we had olive oil inside and by mistake detached the security screening labels, although did try to attach them again.
I have been in touch with the ground handling people the security removed baggage department and everyone else in between. They all say there is nowhere else to look.
I do wish you luck, I'm thinking of going back to Tel Aviv to look myself. Ours was an easyjet flight EZY8818 baggage tag XH367670
ileft a cloth knapsack black with coloured front panel on turkish airlines flight tk27 shanghai to istanbul on 24q10 . last seen at lost and found un domestic
I left a black wheelie that looks like a large bag with wheels with my tallis and tefillin at the airport... any info pls call 0504113923 Thanks
Peter de Swaan at 26 d on LY 337 today from Amsterdam lost this plastic bag with good sweater and newspapers
You need to contact El Al airlines directly.