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I lost my brown wallet in the airport Please help me
Who do I contact about a Canadian passport that was lost on the 1st February in Terminal 2 just outside the passport control hall. The flight was 681 Aeromexico from Montreal, Canada.
Are there Drs available at the airport in Mexico City? Ill be on a 6 hour layover there and have been experiencing serious pain
Is it ok tp fly in and out of MEX TONIGHT Sept 7?
Need help I'm arriving from Houston, Texas next week at 8:30 am on Interjet, my tickets doest'n say what terminal I will arrive so I can make car rental reservations, please let me know terminal 1 or 2?
Thank you.
Interjet uses Terminal 1.
Thank you .
My son went missing in the airport, what and who should I contact. Was supposed to be home yesterday. Please help.
arriving from Cancun on AM0428, connecting to SFO
That should be enough time if the flight from Cancun is on-time.
Is it appropriate to tip the people who provide wheelchair assistance to and from gates at this airport? If so, how much is a suitable tip?
Yes, Mexico is a country where tipping is pretty much necessary. I would tip 3-5 USD or 50-100 Mexican Pesos depending on how much time they spend pushing you.
I am departing from Terminal 2. However, I came into Mexico via car and apparently did not compete the entry process--I paid the entry fee, but did not get my passport stamped nor the travel form signed Any thoughts on what I can do?
Arriving from LAX at 0552. Will I have time to make 0850 Interjet flight. 2 travelers with only carry on bags
That should be enough time.