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I will need to obtain euros at the airport. I understand the exchange desks are closed but that there are atms. Can anyone tell me what the daily limit is please?
Hello, I left my purse in Bristol airport yesterday(14-02),and although it has no financial value as the card has been stopped,I would really appreciate it back as it has lots of information in it that is important to me,and so I would really like to find it
Thank you
Hello, I think I left my purse in Bristol airport yesterday (14/02), and would really like it back as it has lots of important information in it. The card has been stopped so there is no financial value to it,thank you.
I forgot to mention, it is green with a gold buckle
I've lost my black neck pillow and it is very important. Please help me find it.
Hi my mum lost her polish ID. Maybe somebody found it. Polish ID Malgorzata S
Black bobble hat with green glitter
Please contact me on this email if you found or handed in a blue Adidas wallet on this flight towards the rear of the plane.
lost a necklace at Bristol airport at around the time of 4am Monday the 17th while going through security. We believe it was left in a tray by mistake and has a pendant with loving message for a daughter on. This means a lot to me as it was from my father, if any sighting please let me know ! X
My granddaughter lost her rabbit at Bristol airport on the 4thJune around 3pm she really misses it 😢if someone sees this and has it my number is 07544563841 Thankyou