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If a piece of baggage does not arrive at the destination, this does not necessarily mean that it has been lost once and for all.   Bags sometimes do not make it onto the same flight, but their destination is known from the tag, and they usually arrive with one of the next flights. A network computer system assists the efforts of lost baggage staff. Passengers are eligible for compensation if hold baggage is lost, damaged or arrives with some of its content missing. Loss of baggage must be reported to the lost and found customer service immediately upon arrival, at baggage reclaim in the arrivals transit area. Records are taken and, upon request, baggage found or arriving late is sent to the address specified by the passenger. Lost baggage must also be reported to the customer service of your airline. 900 out of 1000 bags arrive on time and intact, and out of the remaining 100, only 1 or 2 are lost once and for all. It is advisable to place a piece of A4 paper with the owner’s name and address inside hold baggage. This is necessary since the tag containing the bar code used to identify the bag is sometimes lost or damaged, in which case the information placed inside greatly assists in identification. If your baggage got lost, please contact your airline
More information:
Budport Gh:
+36 1 296 8797

Celebi Gh: 
T2A +36-70-332-4007, +36-1 - 296-5317 
T2B +36-70-332-4006, +36-1 - 296-5966 

Malév Gh: 
T2A +36-1 - 296-7690, +36-70 456-6038 
T2B +36-1 - 296-7473 

Menzies Gh: 
T2A: +36-1 - 296-8315
T2B: +36-1 - 296-8399 

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