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Calgary Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Calgary International Airport has various parking choices available: Short-term parking for quick visits to the Airport; hourly, daily and weekly parking in the Parkade; an over-height parking area for oversize vehicles; and a 1200-stall surface parking lot located just north of the terminal. Valet parking is available on the departures level roadway.

Note: During peak hours, parking at the terminal Parkade can reach its maximum capacity. The busiest days are usually Wednesdays, Thursdays and over long weekends. When the terminal Parkade reaches capacity, alternate surface parking facilities are made available. Use of the alternate facilities will result in some additional time or inconvenience walking to/from the terminal building. Allow additional time during peak travel times. You can check on Parkade status before you leave home by calling 403-735-1372.

Parking Options & Fees:

1. Parkade / Short-Term Parking: On the ground level of the Parkade structure, intended for quick passenger pick-up or drop-off. Parking in Short Term is the least expensive option for up to one hour, but is more expensive than the Parkade/Long-Term parking area thereafter. Max. clearance is 2.5m and in row closest to terminal 25m--see Clearances below) Accessible parking is available but subject to a 2.0m height clearance. Fees:
First 30 mins - free;
Second half hr - $5;
Third half hr - $6, up to
Daily max (24 hrs) - $35.

2. Parkade** / Long-Term (hourly/daily/weekly) Parking - At the Parkade, levels P2 and P4 – P7 - recommended for stays over one hour; it offers a reduced weekly rate. Maximum vehicle clearance is 2.0m. Accessible parking is available on levels P2 and P4 adjacent to the north and south elevators. Fees: Each half hour or portion thereof - $4, up to
daily max (24 hrs) - $24;
weekly max (7 days) - $120 (max. stay: 60 days);
Lost Ticket minimum - $24.

3. Discount Weekly Parking
Each half hour or portion thereof - $3.50, up to
Daily max (24 hrs) - $21;
weekly max (7 days) - $84;
each day after one week - $12 (max. stay: 60 days);
Lost Ticket minimum - $21.

4. Over-Height Parking Area: (see height restrictions below) This area accommodates over-sized vehicles for hourly, daily or reduced-rate weekly parking. Located adjacent to the Parkade and accessible by a covered walkway to the terminal. Accessible parking is available adjacent to the Over-height parking entry area. Fees:
Each half hr or portion thereof - $4, up to daily max (24 hrs) - $24;
weekly max (7 days) - $120 (max. stay: 60 days)
Lost Ticket minimum - $24

Payment Methods: By cash, debit card or credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express)
**Try the quick Credit Card in/Credit Card Out method. There is no ticket required. When entering the Parkade, simply insert your credit card into the designated slot located on the ticket dispenser. Once the card has been registered, the gate arm will open and no ticket will be dispensed. Upon leaving, insert the same credit card at any one of the Credit Card Only Lanes. Your charge will appear on your next credit card statement.

Valet Parking - Valet Parking is provided by Auto Stop Valet - Tel: 403-735-7430.

Disabled Parking Accessible parking is available in Short-Term parking, on levels P2 and P4 of the Parkade, and in the Over-height area.

Parking Facility Height Restrictions:
Parkade - 2.0m (6' 6")
Short Term Parking - 2.5m (8' 2")
Note that the 3rd parking bay (closest to the terminal) is only 2.0 meters (6' 6") and there are crunch bars within Short Term parking to prevent over-height vehicles from accessing this area.
Through Road - 3.0m (9' 8")
Departures - 3.96m (12' 9"); Arrivals 3.9m (13')

Calgary ( YYC ) Airport Parking Map

Calgary YYC airport parking map

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