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YYC Gate Connections DISCUSSION

what good is this. None of the questions are answered
How far from the domestic terminal (coming in from YVR) to the international terminal?
Have 60 minute layover to catch flight to Cuba, and custom clearance in YYC or Cuba?
I am traveling with a sports group from YEG to DEN connecting through YYC. How do we move them through? Do they need to collect their bags in YYC or are they checked straight through? How do we clear US customs?
Flying Calgary to Winnipeg to Orlando - do we use Terminal 1 rather than international???
Is gate c50 in the international airport. Which terminal do I use in Calgary on a flight from Calgary to Vancouver, to Hong Kong on air canada.
Hi we are flying fron West Jet from Edmonton to Calgary, then connecting on a flight to Mexico. we have never done this as we always fly direct. How does this work as far as bags and security?
Flying from YQU to YYC, connecting to PVR. Short connecting time, under an hour.
Do I have to clear security again?
I'm flying into Toronto from Connecticut USA, then have a connecting flight to Calgary. Do I have to collect my baggage, and clear it thru customs, or will my baggage be sent directly to Calgary ?
Traveling from Portland to Toronto with a connection in Calgary. I have a one hour layover in Calgary. Will that be enough time to clear customs and make my connecting flight?
I am traveling from Winnipeg to Calgary then on to London and I am meeting up with a friend to travel together to London. I am wondering if we go through customs in Calgary or in London.
will I be able to meet her before we go to the boarding area for London.
International flight to IK, you will go through British customs in the UK. There is no pre-clearance of customs except for USA flight.