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LAN : Error In LAN Mar 26, '18 Comments: 0

Lansing Capital Region Airport General Topics

I have used different Lan system and Lansing was one of the best but on my previous Lan's I was facing many issues after searching online I found one palace where I was able to get all my solutions.

LAN : From airport to CATA transportation center Feb 06, '18 Comments: 1

Lansing Capital Region Airport Ground Transport

How far away is GreyHound bus terminal on 420 S. Grand Ave. from Lansing airport?
It's about 5 miles away. However the CATA #14 bus which operates every 30 minutes goes between them.

LAN : cell phone lot Aug 19, '12 Comments: 1

Lansing Capital Region Airport General Topics

is there a cell phone lot?
Lansing Airport has no cell phone lot, just short- & long-term lots. For more parking information call APCOA at 517-321-2665.

LAN : place to leave package 4 arriving psgr Apr 02, '12 Comments: 1

Lansing Capital Region Airport Food, Shops, Services

We are leaving Terminal 1, 2 hours before our son is arriving. We would like to leave a car key for him to take the car home. Is there anywhere secure where we can do this?
LAN Capital Region Airport only has one small terminal - Leave key at the Information desk or - absent an information desk - ask security check personnel.