CLT Airport - Charlotte Douglas Airport ( Charlotte , NC )


Charlotte Douglas International Airport Overview

CLT, one of the country's top ten airports, serves the City of Charlotte and its surrounding counties, and is North Carolina's primary airport. Often regarded as an alternative to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport it has recently made the list as one of the top ten airports in the U.S. CDIA ranked it among the busiest airports (number 5 among U.S., and number 6 worldwide).

Charlotte Airport Facts & Stats

CLT Airport is a few miles from the financial district of the city of Charlotte, situated near the border of the North & South Carolinas, accessible from Interstate Hwy. 485, connecting to I-85 and I-77. The new highway now connects Little Rock Rd. exit off I-85 to North Josh Birmingham Pkwy, with direct access to terminal, parking lots & decks from I-85 & Wilkinson Blvd. From Josh Birmingham Pkwy you are now directed onto the new Airport entrance road's inbound lanes, which merge onto Little Rock Road & directly to the terminal.

With four long runways and over 46 million passengers annually, Charlotte Douglas International Airport is served by a host of major airlines offering direct and connecting flights throughout North America, the Caribbean islands, Europe & South America. 

Charlotte Douglas Airport has a large main passenger terminal, with Concourses A through E. (For terminal details, open 'Terminal Map' and scroll down to the text; for parking information open the 'Parking Map'; for transportation information open 'Transportation: Buses/ Trains.)

Terminal Information 

Airlines Served

Airport Recent News

Under the FAA's phase 2 'Metroplex' initiative  - the use of airspace will become more efficient by a flight path exchange at altitudes beyond 3,000 feet. Furthermore, a changeover to a new satellite system is to replace the outdated ground technology.  

  • The space of former cell phone lots 1 & 2 (off Rental Car Lot) will be used for the two new projects: an elevated roadway & Concourse A expansion.

A new round for a $2.5B 10-year project 'Destination CLT' is to address roadway changes, terminal improvements and airfield work:

  • Starting 2019, construction begins on the Terminal lobby expansion towards the hourly parking deck with added space for security, ticketing & baggage claim. The enlarged lobby will have windows & a mezzanine level. Completion is scheduled for 2020.


5501 Josh Birmingham Parkway

Charlotte, NC 28208



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Phone: (704) 359 4013