Charlotte Douglas Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Free T-MobileCell Phone Lot - Access to the lot is gained from Rental Car Road. Signs denoting the lotare located at the airport's entratnce. All drivers are required to remain withtheir vehicles.wait in your vehicle and ask your passengers to contact you viacell phone when they claim their luggage, then drive to the Baggage Claim areato pick them up.

Hourly Parking - immediately adjacent to the passenger terminal. Thisarea should only be used for picking up and dropping off passengers. Due tolimited space, passengers parking their cars at the Airport should use otherparking options. Two parking decks provide covered access with handicapfacilities available.

Fees: First 30 mins -Free; each 30 mins thereafter - $1; Daily max - $20.

Direction: Located on JoshBirmingham Parkway on the left of the Terminal. Follow signs forParking/Daily/Hourly on the left and keep going straight to the signsParking/Hourly

Daily Parking - Left of the airport entrance road, as passengersapproach the terminal. Overhead signs indicate designated entrances. Thisshort-term lot should be used for passengers leaving their car at the Airportfor 24 hours or more. Daily includes a surface lot and deck and is locatedwithin walking distance of the terminal. Free shuttle services available at theshelters immediately adjacent to each lot.
Fees: $10/day
Direction: Direction: Located on Josh Birmingham Parkway on the left of theTerminal. Follow signs for Parking/Daily/Hourly on the left and keep going leftto Daily entrance.

Long-Term Parking - on Little Rock Road. Little Rock Road may beaccessed from Josh Birmingham Parkway by turning right onto Old Dowd Road.Designed for travelers parking 48 hours or longer. For more convenience,Curbside Check and Shuttle is also available - you may choose to pull up tocurbside to check your luggage, then park in the Long Term parking lot and takethe Shuttle.

Long-term Lot 1: locatedon Josh Birmingham Parkway on the right of the Terminal. The entrance to thelot is on the South of the Cell Phone Lot.

Fees: $7/day

Long-term Lot 2: locatedon Josh Birmingham Parkway on the left of the Terminal.

Fees: $7/day

Curbside Valet Parking - at the end of the Departures/Ticketing Levelcurbside. Just give keys & information to the Valet attendant and walkdirectly into the airport. Upon your return, call Curbside Valet at 704-359-4428(toll free: 1-866-359-VALET), or stop by the booth and your vehicle will bedelivered to you.

Fees: $35/day

Hours: 5am – 11pm

Business Valet Parking - at the corner of Wilkinson Boulevard and HarleeAvenue. Just give the keys to the attendant and your vehicle will be parked.Luggage assistance is provided and a designated shuttle delivers passengers toand from the terminal, less than a 5-minute drive. Call ahead reservations areavailable, as well as numerous automotive services. For more information aboutBusiness Valet, visit or call 704.394.6224.

Fees: $14/day flat.

Direction: 5601 WilkinsonBoulevard, Charlotte. Entrance located on Harlee Avenue, right at the corner ofWilkinson Boulevard and Harlee Avenue

Payment Methods: Parking attendants accept cash, credit cards andtraveler's checks. Payment is made upon exiting the parking facility.

For more information call (704)359-4038 to speak with an attendant; or Emails are responded to within 24-hrs/ Mo-Fri.

- Allow more time to park, especially on peak travel days: Tues/Wed/Thurs, aswell as Sundays and days before/after holidays are exceptionally busy.
- Call 704-FLY-5555 for current parking conditions.
- Follow directions of CLT Parking Attendants stationed in lots to assistparkers during peak times.
- Know which parking option is best for you.

Charlotte Douglas ( CLT ) Airport Parking Map

Charlotte Douglas CLT airport parking map

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