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I am flying from EWR to CLT to FCO. Will I have to pick up and re-check my luggage during the layover at CLT? What process should I expect for both the outgoing and return trip?
Arriving to CTL from anywhere in much time would you say is mandatory to clear through and make a next flight westward? Thanks for any help! Good tickets prices aren’t so good anymore if you miss your connection! :)
I recommend 90 minutes, but 80 is doable with no checked bags.
When arriving at CLT on a AA floght from Cuba and going on to DFW on another AA flight. I will have a bag from the duty free Havana airport with Rum in it. Do I have to go through customs again and will the sealed duty free bag still allowed to go through or do I need to put on my luggage
In Charlotte you will claim your bags to go through US Customs after which you will have to put the rum in your checked bag before you re-check it.
Is 1.5 hours enough time to clear customs and get to our connection? We land at 4:50 pm in Charlotte and depart at 6:20 pm.
Yes, that is enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I'm flying in from Frankfurt, Germany and need to catch a connecting flight to Dulles that leaves 1 hour 36 minutes later. I have never been to the states before and have a German passport. What are the steps I must go through to catch my connecting flight, and is 1 hour 36 minutes enough time? Thank you.
My first flight and I'm nervous. What Concourse do trips to Mobay Jamaica leave from at Charlotte Douglas on American Airlines
It appears they usually use Concourse D. All gates are connected inside security.
If my parent is using the wheelchair service and is taken to a specific gate. Then the gate is changed for her flight. How do we make sure she will be pushed to the new gate? She is unable to walk any distance to go herself. Thanks.
They have processes in place to make sure she's at the right gate.
I have a 34 minute long to get from c9 to b9? Thanks
Arriving: Friday 19:19 Douglas International (CLT), Charlotte, United States Of America from MSP
Departing To: Friday, 20:25 Heathrow (LHR), London, United Kingdom
How big is the airport and do AA from MSP park far from AA going to London Heathrow please?
Thanks in advance.
how long does it take to walk from gate C 17 to gate D 12?
Probably about 10 minutes.