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Will I have Access to assistance if my gates are more than 2-3 gates apart?
We are flying from Memphis to Charlotte and then on to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. Do we go though customs in Charlotte? We have almost a 3 hour layover in Charlotte so it should be okay.
Looking at AA flights returning from CUN. Flight would get in at 2:45p on a Saturday with the departure for IND (also on AA) leaving at 4:35p. Would one hour and 50 minutes be enough to do the customs dance with a checked bag?

Many thanks!
I have a 2 hour window between landing in CLT from Toronto before heading out to LAX.

I don't have any bags to check, but imagine customs can take time? I'm an American citizen.

Should I be worried?
how long does it take to to walk from E11 to C3
distance between gate E34 to gate B3
Only have 1 hr between flights. How can I get luggage, go thru customs, recheck luggage to phx anf make my flight?
How long take to go from C3 to B7
I have just one hours
Is it enough? Are there any bus ?
You can walk. You don't need a bus. It is a short walk. You have enough time.
Hello, I just booked a flight on American Airlines and I have only 1 hour from CLT to my connecting flight to PHX. I am wondering if that will be enough time to catch my connecting flight since I will have to go through customs?
If you are coming from Nassau or Freeport you pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in the Bahamas.
we are leaving at 7:35 on the 13th what time should we be at airport before the get thru security check point
AM or PM? Probably about 6 if you have no checked bags and a little earlier if you have bags to check.