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My flight lands 1.5 hours before my niece and I need to be at her gate when she arrives. What happens to my checked bag and where will I be able to find it once I connect with my niece.
What caused the ground stop that prevented AA2011 from landing at CLT and diverting to Columbia?
amount of time walking from gate A7 to B8
how long will it take me to get american airlines flight 3799
I was asked to take off my AirPhones going through screenings by Gate B last night - is there any way to recover them, the GPS indicates that’s where they are 😞
I lost a gold bracelet that has coral stones imbedded within the links This bracelet is not valuable since it is gold colored and the coral stones are plastic, however, it has special meaning to me.
Will I have Access to assistance if my gates are more than 2-3 gates apart?
We are flying from Memphis to Charlotte and then on to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. Do we go though customs in Charlotte? We have almost a 3 hour layover in Charlotte so it should be okay.
Looking at AA flights returning from CUN. Flight would get in at 2:45p on a Saturday with the departure for IND (also on AA) leaving at 4:35p. Would one hour and 50 minutes be enough to do the customs dance with a checked bag?

Many thanks!
I have a 2 hour window between landing in CLT from Toronto before heading out to LAX.

I don't have any bags to check, but imagine customs can take time? I'm an American citizen.

Should I be worried?