Check-in Options

Checked-In Options

Just booking a flight for you does not mean that your travel plans are over. You still have to reach the airport, wait in a long queue to get checked-in, and then finish your security check.

There are so many things to do just to catch a flight and reach your final destination.

What if you can easily get rid of one particularly crucial step?

That’s where different check-in options come into play. With the passage of time, now almost every airline, as well as airports, are taking the best advantage of the technological advances accessible to them.

They allow passengers much more freedom for their traveling preferences. Further, they utilize the resources in cost-effective ways by providing a wide range of check-in choices to their customers. Airlines are focusing on making the entire check-in process simple and as quick as possible for the convenience of all their customers.

For learning more about the check-in options, you can go through the following different options for check-in for your ease.

Airline Counter check-in

Checking in for a flight at the airline counter is known to be the most popular and convenient choice among most passengers, especially for those who are traveling internationally.

As technology is changing, the number of travelers using this method of check-in is reducing gradually.

Counter sign-in means to locate the correct service desks for the particular airline and then to present the tickets or e-tickets and booking references to a member of the staff who is available for checking your identification.

It is also important to note that you must have your passport if you are traveling internationally. Further, you can also tell the officer about your choice of seat and meal during counter sign-in.

Airline counters are perfect for all those customers who do not feel comfortable using modern check-in procedures, like kiosks and the online check-in. Further, it is important to note that you must arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Following are the steps that you need to follow for counter check-in

  1. Find the suitable check-in gate for your flight.
  2. Get ready with your entire documents, line passport or a national ID, a paper copy of your ticket, and online booking reservation number.
  3. At the check-in desk, you need to present the documents that are mentioned above. Further, you have to hand over all your checked baggage for the process of weighing and then dispatched for loading onto the plane.
  4. After presenting your documents as well as checking your baggage, you will get a boarding pass with which you can board the plane.
  5. Once the counter check-in process is completed, you can proceed to the appropriate gate, where all the passengers undergo a security check.
  6. During the security check, passengers have to place objects like telephones, belts, electrical equipment, coats, and scarves in the baskets provided by the officials and then put them on the conveyor belt.
  7. Finally, now you can board the plane.

    Items required for counter check-in

    • Passport when traveling internationally
    • Paper tickets
    • Printed itinerary with a confirmation number

Curbside check-in

Curbside check-in is pretty similar to the counter check-in. In that process, all the work is done at the service desk and is conducted by a member of staff. However, the main difference is that Curbside check-in service desks are located at points on the airport concourse, which are close to the entrances and vehicle drop-off zones.

The check-in procedure of Curbside is almost the same as the counter procedure but allows passengers to sign in and drop off bags before even stepping foot inside the airport. Further, it gives them total freedom once they do step through the entrance.

Charges for upgrades and baggage can be paid on the Curbside; in this method, payments are usually accepted by the credit card only.

The main advantage of curbside registration is that the boarding passes can be printed and issued there and then allowing the travelers the option to head straight for their flight while entering the airport, and there are likely to be fewer queues for using this service. 

Online Check-in

For the tech-savvy traveler, online check-in is often the preferred method as it can ensure a complete lack of queuing at the airport.

Online flight registration can usually be undertaken up to a maximum of 24 hours prior to flight departure time from any computer with access to the internet and a printer. Airport hotels often have on-site services, especially for this purpose. 

When going online, seat and meal preferences can be selected, and any charges can usually be made via credit card. When the process is completed, boarding passes can be printed and simply presented when prompted at the airport security desks.

This option is particularly suited to passengers who are exclusively carrying hand luggage. Travelers wishing to check baggage will need to locate a baggage drop desk inside the airport to have bags weighed and tagged. Unfortunately, there may be a queue for this service.

Benefits of online check-in

  • Saves time from the long airport check-in lines
  • Allows you to choose your seats before even reaching the airport
  • It helps in making the bag drop process faster.

Kiosk Check-in

Kiosk check-in is similar to online but is undertaken at a dedicated computer terminal, which is located within the airport. Further, it is practical as well as an easy-to-use device that is specially designed for everybody. At present, most airports have their own kiosk devices. The best part is that these devices support multi-languages.

Items required for kiosk check-in

  • Passport
  • Confirmation number which is sent through email if the ticket is purchased through a travel agency
  • credit card for payment of the ticket

Kiosk devices are capable of printing your boarding pass step by step after filling in the necessary details. Therefore, by entering a booking reference or scanning a valid travel ticket, the procedure can be completed at the kiosk by following the on-screen instructions.

This machine is competent for printing as well as issuing boarding passes. This option is great for avoiding long lines for counter check-in, but in case of checking in luggage, passengers need to stop at the baggage drop desks where queues may be encountered.

Using a Kiosk is an ideal option for those traveling with hand luggage only and for those who do not have computer access.