Chicago Midway Airport Parking MDW

Chicago Midway Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Parking Options and Fees: Fees are based on actual time vehicle stays in parking facility. No parking discounts.

Hourly Parking - Parking Garage, Level 1: Close to terminal and ideal for dropping off/picking up a guest. Garage is located east of Cicero Avenue. Intended for parking under three hours, not for overnight parking. Fees:
First 10 mins - free;
30-60 mins - $4
daily max - $50.

Daily Parking - Parking Garage, Levels 4, 5, and 6: Fees:
First 10 mins - free;
30-60 mins $4;
daily max - $28

Economy Lots and Economy Garage Location: East of Cicero Avenue, and ¼ Mile West of Cicero Avenue on 55th Street. Free shuttle buses from economy parking lots to Terminal 24/7. They are identified by numbered signs. Make a note of this number to use the same bus on your return. Buses depart every 15 mins. Fees:
First hr - $2;
2-24 hrs (daily max) - $14

Parking for Disabled Person is provided in all parking areas. These designated parking spaces are located within close proximity to the three elevators of the airport. Economy lots feature designated parking for disabled travelers, closer to the parking lot entrances.

Chicago Midway ( MDW ) Airport Parking Map

Chicago Midway MDW airport parking map

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