Chicago Midway Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Midway Airport currently has 2 parking garages, three parking lots and a cell phone lot:

If picking up a passenger at the Airport, you may want to use the free Cell Phone Lot  with 90 spaces located on 61st & Cicero Avenue, just south of the main Airport entrance and only minutes from the terminal. Stay with your car until your party has collected bags & calls you to be picked up at the terminal's curb.  Of course, you can also use the Main Parking garage across from the terminal for hourly parking.   Level II & III Charging Stations are available at the Cell Phone Lot.

Other Parking Options & Fees at Midway Airport:  Across from the Terminal is the Main Terminal Garage; the Economy Garage is off 55th Street, across from the Consolidated Rental Car facility. For lowest fees use the long-term Economy Lots E & F (Red/Blue) on 55th St./South Cicero Ave., served by frequent free shuttles.  Numbered Shuttle buses run every 15 mins and stop throughout the parking lots and Economy Garage - take note of your bus  number upon pickup (for your return). 
The new Daily Parking Lot on 55th St. (between Kilpatrick Av.
 - Reserved Parkingis available at the Main Parking Garage's level 4.  All reserved spaces are covered and guaranteed.  Reervation fee is $10 (plus taxes and parking fees)  

The Main Parking Garage for hourly & daily parking (hourly at level 1, daily at levels 2 to 6) is east of Cicero Avenue, between 55th & 59th Streets.  Its clearance is 7'2" on all levels.
NOTE:  Fees stated below do NOT include taxes. Payments are made at the cashier when exiting parking facilities.  Major credit cards are accepted.

    Hourly Parking in the Main Garage
is at level 1 of the garage;
Fees: first 30 mins $2, first hr $5, with $2 for each hour thereafter up to 4 hours $11, from 4 - 7 hours it increases by $6 each, reaching $41 at 8-9 hrs; and daily max 9-24 hrs at $63.
   Daily Parking in the Main Garage is on levels 2 - 6 of the garage.
Fees:  first 30 mins $2; first hr $5; 2 hrs $7, 2-3 hrs $9; 3- 4 hrs $11, 4-8 hrs $14; 8-24 hrs. (daily max) $40.
   New Daily Lot is located east of Cicero Av. & north of 55th Street. It offers a dedicated shuttle bus lane for express service to terminals, and new bus shelters.
Fees: first 30 mins $2; first hr $5;1-24 hours $30.
   Economy Parking Garage* - West of South Cicero Av., north of 55th St. A free shuttle bus (white with Lot signs) runs every 15 mins, 24/7, from all Economy parking facilities to the terminal, stopping between doors 3 & 4.  All three lots charge the same fees. Its clearance is 8'2". 
   The Economy Lot* West of South Cicero Av., north of 55th St. (east of Economy Garage) .
*Fees for both Economy Garage & Lot : first 30 mins $2; 1 first hr $5, 1-24 hrs $15.

Payment options: Pay she cashier un exiting the arking facility.  Cash & major credit cards are accepted.

Hybrid Vehicle / Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: The Airport has six  Level II EV charging stations and one Level III 'Quick Charge' station in the Economy Garage & the Short-term part of the Main Garage. It also has two charging stations in the Cell Phone Lot, including a Level II & Level III Quick Charge station.

For accessible parking, vehicle assistance, and other parking-related inquiries, please call 773-838-0756 or contact [email protected]

Chicago Midway ( MDW ) Airport Parking Map

Chicago Midway MDW airport parking map

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