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If I'm flying in on Southwest, arriving at 7:45AM, and the connecting Southwest flight is at 8:25AM on a Thursday - is that enough time to get from one gate to the other?
At Midway Airport, Southwest uses both Concourses A & B with corresponding gates. You may have to walk to another concourse - look at your ticket & on arrival at MDW at overhead screens to see which gate you depart from. Either way you have enough time.
does anyone know if there is any good stuffed chicage pizza available at Midway airport? I got a 3 hour layover and want some good lunch. Havn't been to c-town in 20 years and miss it!!!
I'm flying to I going to Concourse A or B?
At MDW Southwest uses both Concourses A & B, while all other airlines use Concourse A.
is it possible to make a 6:55pm arrival Southwest to a connecting flight Compass DBA Delta Connection 7:20pm on a Tuesday night?
At MDW, you will arrive and depart from Concourse A, which has gates A1-19 & a separate gateway to gates A4A & A4B. You have enough time.
The passenger terminal complex at Midway Airport consists of a Main Terminal with Arrivals and a Departure Levels, and a connector to the Midway Boulevard, a triangle-shaped area for restaurants & shops, with access to Cncourses A, B & C.
What happened after 2/10/11??
Changing planes at MDW, we were easily able to transit from gate to gate.
Whether you look for a shop or for food & drink at MDW, the Midway Boulevard (between Main Terminal and Concourses) is the place to go.
I really liked the glass partitions in Midway's terminal - they give the place a nice atmosphere.