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Are there luggage carts available at Terminal 5 at the curb to load luggage to take inside the terminal? thank you.
Do not do the curb, since all carts are inside. Instead, park at the T5 parking lot and get a cart from there
When to be at O'Hare on the busiest day of the year for a 7pm flight
Please advise where I can find the Wells Fargo ATM in Terminal 5. Also, how long does it take to get from T2 to T5.
flight leaves for LAX at 10 Saturday 10/19 can I check in at 6pm and catch a show at rosemont theater?
My kitten is coming in tonight on DL331 9:54 p m. Where will I be picking her up at? Very unfamiliar with airport!
American Airlines may have lost the photo frame or someone stole from our bags at O'Hare, on 09-Jan-19. We have moved to India. What is the way to file a claim?
I have never flown out of o'hare international terminal before. I have a 1:30 p.m. flight saturday to montreal. What time should I get there?
I am looking for a Nigerian international passport, name Adenike Sidikat Sennuga.
Is there an area where you can wait in your car to be called on your cell phone for an arriving passenger pick-up at ORD?
Yes, there are signs pointing to it as you approach the airport. It is located on Bessie Coleman Dr
What are typical wait times right now for security for International boarding?
There's no special security for International flights. Do you mean the lines at the regular security checkpoint in Terminal 5? If so that depends on the time of day. Be more specific on what airline you're flying and when.
ok, yes, checkpoint at Terminal 5 - leaving at 6 AM on United/ORD
thank you.