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I have never flown out of o'hare international terminal before. I have a 1:30 p.m. flight saturday to montreal. What time should I get there?
I am looking for a Nigerian international passport, name Adenike Sidikat Sennuga.
Why isn't the signage at ORD consistent?
At ORD the passenger pickup areas are called "Vestibles" inside the terminal they are called "Baggage claim" numbers. The signage should be consistent or complete, for example, "Vestible 3 baggage area 3." If you are at the baggage claim area you don't know that outside the area is called "Vestible"
Is there an area where you can wait in your car to be called on your cell phone for an arriving passenger pick-up at ORD?
Yes, there are signs pointing to it as you approach the airport. It is located on Bessie Coleman Dr
What are typical wait times right now for security for International boarding?
There's no special security for International flights. Do you mean the lines at the regular security checkpoint in Terminal 5? If so that depends on the time of day. Be more specific on what airline you're flying and when.
ok, yes, checkpoint at Terminal 5 - leaving at 6 AM on United/ORD
thank you.
Hi-- We will be flying out of O'Hare to Montreal on Thanksgiving morning (9:30 am flight). Do we need to arrive earlier than 2 hours? Thank you!
My flight back into the states finishes with Fort Lauderdale to Chicago, arriving at Terminal 4, according tot he flight info. If OHare doesn't have a terminal 4, what does this mean for someone picking me up?

My flight is # 478 Spirit Airlines Arriving on November 24 at 10:59am from Ft Lauderdale, FL. (original departure- Managua, Nicaragua)

Thank you!!
Your departure terminal from Fort Lauderdale is Terminal 4.

You arrive in Chicago in Terminal 3.
If landing in terminal 3 international and flying out of terminal 3 domestic do you need to go through security as I would like to buy duty free before I leave Ireland
You pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Ireland. All you have to do in Chicago is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
We have a 4:10pm flight on Austrian Airlines on 9/25/17. What time should we arrive as we have to also get seat assignments.
I would be there by at least 2 PM.
What time should I arrive at O'Hare on Sunday for a 6:50 P.M. flight to Detroit if I am not checking in any bags?