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How would I get from Terminal 1 (united) to 3 (virgin America)? How long does that take? Thanks!
You can walk inside security if you don't have checked bags. If you have checked bags you'll have to walk outside security. It's not too long of a walk - maybe 15-20 minutes.
My parents coming from Frankfort to Chicago at 7.15 PM by Lufthansa and they have connecting flight to Atlanta at 8.58 PM by United ,They have 1.45 hours for connecting next flight. They have to complete immigration and then come to other terminal, is this time sufficient. They need wheel chair assistance. Does United/Lufthansa will take care of it?
That is just enough time if everything goes perfectly. Yes, if they have requested wheelchair assistance on their reservation then they will be taken care of.
Thanks ZAP, yes they have requested wheelchair assistance
How much time do I need to connect between an AA arrival in T3 and a BA departure in T5? I have to pick up checked bags from the inbound AA flight and check them into the outbound BA flight as the two flights are not on the same PNR.

I would want at least 2.5 hours.
Hi, I'm arriving terminal 1from Omaha at 8.30pm June 13, and departing at 9.40pm turkish airline will I have enough time? And will my baggage be trasfered on time so do not loose them or have them deliver later. I am travelling with 3 kids
That should be enough time if the first flight is on-time. You will have to take the ATS Train to Terminal 5, but security lines in T5 shouldn't be long at that time of the evening.
i have a flight from SFO on United to Nairobi on Turkish Air (connecting in Chicago). i have a chicago layover for 1h45m. is that enought time?
Yes, that is enough time if everything goes smoothly. You will have to take the ATS Train to Terminal 5 and go through security assuming your flight out of Chicago is operated by Turkish.
I will arrive at O hare on sunday July 2 at 6:15 am from Flint with American Airlines and will depart at 8am to Mexico via Houston with United Airlines. Will this 1:45 be enough to make the connection?
With no checked bags that's possible, but with checked bags that will be very difficult but not totally impossible.
Is 70 minutes a sufficient connecting time to go from UA domestic Terminal 2 to Lufthansa international Terminal 1?
Yes, all you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
Is 53min enough time to connect from a United Express flight from Flint to a United flight to Puerto Vallarta? The 1st leg will be arriving in ORD at 6:30am and my connection in at 7:30am.

What is the implications for my checked bags? Are they likely to miss the connection?
Thanks in advance!
Yes, that is enough time. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Will I have enough time to make it from terminal 1 international to terminal 5 in 90 minutes without any checked in luggage? I arrive at 6:25 and I will leave at 7:55pm
Hi, I am wondering the same question
It took me exactly 1:20 minutes, used the Tram thingy and I made it.
Mind you that I didn't have any checked in luggage and the queue for the customs is also an important factor
Good luck!
There is no US customs when leaving the US. Do you mean security in Terminal 5?
I fly into Chicago from Omaha then connect to Manchester . I have a transfer time of 1hr 40 . Is it a easy transfer and 1hr 40 plenty of time
Yes, if both flights are on the same airline that is enough time. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.