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Good morning , my husband lost his watch at terminal 3 , security check 7a
Is there a list and found we can inquire about it ?
I too lost my passport bag at security check at terminal 3. Please let us know if anyone has idea
No, there is not.
How early can I check in bags for a flight? I have a concert in Rosemont 4.5 hours before my flight and I'm not allowed a bag in the arena.
What airline are you flying and what time is your flight?
United, 7:15pm
Then yes, you can check your bag with United any time that day that you like.
I'm traveling from Hiroshima Japan to Madison WI. I have a connecting flight from Ohare to Madison that I want to avoid. I wanted to know when I arrive in Ohare from Tokyo do I have to pick up my check bags and recheck them if I want to go to Madison Airport. My whole point is to instead of flying to Madison I would like to rent a car in ohare.
Yes, you will have to claim your bags in O'Hare to take them through US Customs. You can only skip the flight to Madison if it is the last flight of your reservation.
Are the luggage carts available at the curb entrance for Cathy Pacifia Airline at O’Hara international terminal 5
No, they are not available at the curb. Either someone will have to go in and get one or you just deal with carrying your bags the short distance from the curb to the check-in desk.
Can I bring my electric small portable fan in my carry on bag?
Yes, you can.
I will be flying United on 10/21 from a ABQ NM to JAX FL and go into ORD flight 4480 to change planes. Since this is all United will I have enough time to move from one to the other? I am there 2 hrs.
You have plenty of time - All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I am using KLM from Chicago to Amsterdam. How are early should I arrive at the airport for a 4 PM flight.? I do have global entry. Thank you..
You need to arrive by at least 2 PM, preferably a bit earlier. Global Entry won't help you on your departure because KLM is not a TSA Precheck participant.
Arriving T5 from FRA with a wheel chair Departing T1, approximate travel time and convancy?
I recommend 2-3 hours between flights. "Convancy" isn't a word.
Sorry it should have been "conveyance"
The wheelchair pusher will take you on the ATS Train to T1.
Can someone please share process of traveling with wheelchair at O'Hara internationally.

My elderly (but younger than 75) parents are coming to the U.S. - father has requested a wheelchair, mom doesn't need it.
Do they deboard people needing assistance first or last?
Once at customs, is there a separate window for travelers with wheelchair?
After the customs, will the escort assist to recheck the luggage?
Will the escort go on the train to the different terminal?
They will be deboarded last if he needs a gate chair (meaning he can't walk off the plane). Yes, they will go through a different immigration line and yes they will help them get their baggage. If both flights are on the same reservation then they will take them to the other terminal, through security, and to the departure gate.