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I am dropping my elderly aunt off at Ohare for an Air Canada flight. Is there any wheelchair service that can pick her up at my car to take her to the airline check in desk?
I am picking up a disabled traveler. Is there a handicap pick up area other than the general pick up area? Its very difficult to cross 3 lanes when you are disabled.
is there a pickup zone for passengers arriving off of American Airlines flight #623 that will arrive at 11:50pm
I'm flying international from O'Hare on May 28, 2018. What is the typical time required to check bags at T5? Also, what is this year averaging for time to get through TSA checkpoints in T5, and how might the holiday affect this? I read some articles from 2016 that O'Hare was recommending arrival at airport (TSA check?) 3hrs early. Then some forums on TripAdvisor from 2017 that 2hrs was probably good enough. What are things like this year?

Flight departure is at 1045am and we have a 3hr drive to get to the airport.
We are traveling to Hong Kong on May 21, 2018 and would like your assistance on connecting time and terminal information. We will be arriving UA241 at 12:02 noon and with layover time of 1 hour and 20 min. to connect UA895. Is it enough time to make the connecting flight and any terminal information available? Any information you can provide would be a great help.
Yes, that is enough time. Both flights are in Terminal 1. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Thanks and have a good night!
Going from arrival in G all the way to L17 in a very short time. We both need mobile assistance . How do we request this assistance to travel to the next gate?
You need to call American Airlines and request wheelchair assistance.
Is curbside check available at O'Hare for LOT Polish Airlines?
No, it is not.
Have 1 h and 45 min connection at ORD. Arriving from LHR on BA, connecting onto AA to RSW on June 30th. Do I have time to check luggage or would my best bet be carry on only? Thx
That is enough time with checked bags but doesn't leave much time to spare.
Thanks. Would one stop be quicker as I probably won’t bring a bag?
Yes, it is a bit faster.
How much is curbside check in at OHare Chicago
There is no charge. You should tip the agent $5 per bag.
Good morning , my husband lost his watch at terminal 3 , security check 7a
Is there a list and found we can inquire about it ?
I too lost my passport bag at security check at terminal 3. Please let us know if anyone has idea