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When I get to Terminal 3 how do I get to the wheelchair area?
My handicapped sister will be visiting next week. I need to know where I can pick her up. She is arriving on a United flight. Thanks
Where is the location of lost and found?
Decided to take a shuttle bus from O'Hare to Peoria, rather than wait a 5 hour layover. Where do I claim my luggage? Will my luggage continue to Peoria, or, must I claim it at O'Hare before boarding the shuttle?
Looking meditation room on Terminal 5?
I asked a question in one of the forums several weeks ago, and no responses...nor has any other traveler's questions that were asked recently been responded to....Is this whole site defunct? Can someone answer that question?
I am travelling to Moline, Illinois from Skopje on 14 May 2019 (through Vienna). Do I collect my baggage at Chicago airport or in Moline? The other concern is do I have to check in at Chicago airport to continue for Moline or I continue directly to the gate?
Thank you in advance.
Hello. Great service. I'm trying to book a flight from PDX into ORD then onto Ireland on flight EI0124 (May 28, 2019) same day. Approx. how much time will I need? Do I need to collect my bag & go through customs in ORD?
I have a sister flying in today on AA336 into Terminal 3. To pick her up, do I go to the main baggage area at Terminal 1 to meet her or is their a separate baggage claim area that T3 arrivals use?
If you leave an item at the airport say a small backpack, and the staff finds it what happens to it?