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I am coming from Amman, Jordan, arriving at ORD at 4pm on Friday, June 30. I will then fly to Phoenix. Am I right that I will have to go through customs, get my baggage, change terminals, clear security again and check in again? What is a safe amount of time to leave between my flights?
I would want at least 3 hours between flights. You have the procedure correct.
Flying domestic with United. Not checking a bag just have a back pack . Do we have to wait in the line where people wait to check there bags or do we just go straight to security?
You can go straight to security if you check in online or get your boarding pass from one of the "No Checked bags" check in kiosks located along the entry wall.
I'm flying to Anchorage AK (Alaska Airlines) on 6/21/17 with flight leaving at 8:30. How much time should I allow to get through security, etc? Thanks!
To be safe get there 2 hours before your flight, especially if you have to check a bag.
I'm flying from Toronto to Chicago to Honolulu then to Lihue. I know my luggage is going right through to Lihue but do I have to go through customs and immigration in Chicago? I'm flying in and out of terminal 1 but I only have 1 hour and 18 minutes in Chicago.
You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto. All you have to do in Chicago is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
That's great, thank you so much.
We are a couple (non US citizens) arriving at ORD on Friday 21st from Zurich by Swiss Airlines at 3:45 pm and have an onward flight to Detroit at 6:35 pm on the same day by United.

Is 2hr50min enough time to pick up bags, go through customs/immigration, change terminal, recheck our bags and then take our next flight?
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
WE will be flying out of ORD on 23rd May 2017, Chicago to Texas. Staying in hotel overnight to be near airport in morning. I saw pictures of nightmare lines from May 2016. I see on here that wait times show under 15 minutes? How can that be when it was 2-3 hrs a year ago? Have they fixed the issues that well? If so, bravo! Thanks for any inside scoop.
They really did change a lot last spring to fix things. 20-45 minutes is probably a more accurate estimate, depending on the day of the week, but it's still way better than last year.
If my flight is at 5:30am in the morning, will I be allowed to enter the airport at 11pm the night before?
No, you aren't. You can't enter security until 3:15 that morning.
Going to Cabo on 4/24/17 (monday) connecting in Dallas. Our United flight leaves O'hare at 5:15am. We are parking in extended parking.Just wondering based on the early times whats the latest we could arrive at wally parking? We are checking 1 bag each.I'm hoping to not have any delays getting thru security since it will be so early.
Black Motorola smartphone left at gate C10 on Thursday March 23 1035h. My phone is still turned on and I can't find anyone to help me. Suggestions please.
We flew in to ORD on Korean Air and our connecting flight was on Jet Blue to Boston. As we exited customs, we were told by airport personnel that American Airlines handles Jet Blue's luggage when arriving internationally, and we were instructed by airport personnel outside customs to leave our luggage with American which was on our left as we exited customs. We are now missing 6 bags. Were we instructed properly? Or should we have carried our 6 bags on the train to terminal 3 where Jet Blue was? We have never had this issue at JFK
I do not believe you were instructed properly. As you may know JetBlue is very small in Chicago and very large in JFK. So they don't have the same procedures in place in Chicago.
Also, were your bags tagged to your final destination or were they only tagged to Chicago? If they were only tagged to Chicago and you gave them to American, they would have no way of knowing what to do with them.
Our bags were tagged all the way to Boston. Yes, we were instructed incorrectly by airport personnel. Apparently there is a 3rd party which handles Jet Blue bags, though we saw no signage which directed Jet Blue passengers. All of our bags were found 36 hours later at American, and are being flown to Boston. We can't be the first ones this has happened to.
Still no luggage from JetBlue. They had told us the bags were located. Now they say they have no info on them. They say they can't communicate with American since they are not on the same computer system. I guess a phone call to American is too much to ask for. Very frustrating