Cleveland Hopkins Airport Parking CLE

Cleveland Hopkins Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

PARKINGAT CLE AIRPORT: 1. Parking Fees. 2. General Parking Information. 3. Parking forPersons with Disabilities. 4. Parking Tips. 5. Directions to Airport.

1. Parking Fees: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) willadjust parking rates beginning May 1, 2018 by $2 for all parking products atCLE with the exception of valet parking.

Parking Rates:

CLESmart Parking Garage: $20/day

RedLot: $18/day

BlueLot: $16/day

OrangeLot: $15/day

BrownLot: $11/day

CurbsideValet: $30/day

$9 / 0 to 30 min

$12 / 31 to 60 min

$15 / 1 hr. to 3 hrs.

$30 / 3 hrs. to 24 hrs.

Payment Method: in cash, by personal check (except Economy Shuttle Lot) or byusing a Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover or Diner�s Club card.

2. General Information
Automobile parking is available 24/7. The airport's on-site garages areoperated by Standard Parking. Tel:

Visitors who park on the first floor of the hourly/daily garage will begranted 30 minutes of free parking to allow them to drop off or pick uppassengers. If no parking space is available on the first floor of thehourly/daily garage, park in the first available space. When exiting thehourly/daily garage, notify booth attendant that no 30-minute spaces wereavailable.

Automatic ticket dispensers distributing parking garage tickets are at theentrances of both garages. When exiting a garage, present the parking ticket tothe cashier in the exit booth.

The new credit-card-only Economy Shuttle Parking Lot is located on-airport byturning right at the corner of Terminal and Park roads across from the SheratonHotel. The introductory cost is $7.00 per day. Shuttle service runs 7/24 to thedoor of the terminal. Service offers free USA Newspaper and a bottle of water.

To remember the floor on which you parked, color-coded �You Are Here� cards aredisplayed at the elevators on each floor of both garages and at the shuttlelot. In the hourly/daily garage, the �You Are Here� cards are located on thesliding glass doors at the entrance to the speedwalk leading to the mainterminal. All parking spots are marked with row numbers and you are advised tomake a note of the row in which they parked.

Security officers patrol the garages 7/24. White courtesy telephones arelocated in the elevator lobby of floors 2 through 5 of the hourly/daily garage,in the connector bridge between the hourly/daily and long-term garages, and onlevels 1 and 3 of the long-term garage in the north and south elevator lobbies.

Free emergency vehicle assistance is provided by Standard Parking. To obtainemergency vehicle assistance, dial 4770 on any white courtesy telephone, ordial from any telephone.

Smarte Cartes are located in the elevator lobby on levels 1 and 3 of thehourly/daily garage, and on level 3 inside the connector bridge adjacent to theelevator lobby in the long term garage. The charge for Smarte Cartes is $2.00and is subject to change.

For visitors needing banking services, ATMs are located on levels 1 and 3 ofthe elevator lobby located between both garages and the terminal.

3. Parking for Persons with Disabilities
Parking for persons with disabilities is available in both on-airport garages.Designated parking spaces are located on each level of the hourly/daily garage,and on the first floor of the long-term garage, between the elevator andstairway. Both garages are connected to the terminal by an enclosed connectorwith a moving walkway. CLE Airport is equipped with:
- Wheelchair-accessible restrooms on each of the four concourses as well as onthe baggage claim level of the main terminal.
- TTY telephones throughout the four concourses and the main terminal
- ADA accessible elevators
- Family restrooms in the center of the baggage claim level of the mainterminal, next to the USO Office, and on the south end of the baggage claimlevel. One additional family restroom is on Concourse A, just beyond the Acheckpoint screening area. Family restrooms are large enough to accommodate twoor more individuals, and are wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant.
- Electric cart service runs continuously on Concourses C and D
- Travelers who wish to have wheelchair service while in the terminal shouldcontact their selected airline for assistance.

4. Parking Tips
Remember these helpful tips when using Cleveland Hopkins International Airport:
- Parking is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
- Automatic ticket dispensers issue parking tickets at each garage entrance.Present this ticket to the cashier as you exit.


Cleveland Hopkins ( CLE ) Airport Parking Map

Cleveland Hopkins CLE airport parking map

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