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CLE : How do I contact Wheelchair assistance Aug 17, '18 Comments: 0

Cleveland Hopkins Airport Traveler Help

Because your shuttle drop off area is so far away from the terminal I need wheelchair help to get to the terminal where my airline will assist me. How do I contact wheelchair people at the terminal entrance?

CLE : Bar/Restaurants Jun 29, '18 Comments: 0

Cleveland Hopkins Airport Food, Shops, Services

What time do they open our flight leaves at 6a.m. we normal flight out later and have Breakfast/Bloody Marys before take off will anything be open this early????

CLE : Wheelchair assistance Jan 12, '18 Comments: 0

Cleveland Hopkins Airport Traveler Help

My husband & I are going to be flying on ALLEGIANT'S, Monday the 15th. I am going to need a wheelchair when we get to the airport. I was wondering if there is a place close by the entrance where we will be able to get a wheelchair okay? Thank-you!

CLE : Grandma question Dec 19, '17 Comments: 0

Cleveland Hopkins Airport Layover Ideas

Can grandma meet up with grand daughter during grand daughters layover in cleveland?

CLE : is a shuttle available Nov 22, '17 Comments: 0

Cleveland Hopkins Airport Ground Transport

is a shuttle available to get to the closest greyhound bus station from the airport, thank you

CLE : Tuesday, 10-31-17 Nov 02, '17 Comments: 1

Cleveland Hopkins Airport General Topics

Had assist per flight attendant --medicine bag fell out in overhead bin. Was in turned in. I had direct flight from ATL 0815 arrived CLE 1000
You have to contact your airline.

CLE : Picking up someone in a wheelchair Oct 01, '17 Comments: 0

Cleveland Hopkins Airport Parking

My mother is flying into CLE on 10/3. She will be arriving at 7:09pm from Chicago and will be in an airport provided wheelchair as she is 82 and had a health issue while on the trip she is returning from. Is there a parking lot available that will make it easier to get her to my vehicle?

CLE : Pet arrival location for pick up Sep 24, '17 Comments: 0

Cleveland Hopkins Airport General Topics

We are moving to Cleveland and have two dogs that will travel on United airlines. The dogs will be transported in their dog crates. Where at CLE airport will be be reunited with our dogs. Is it close to exiting the baggage claim? And outside loading zone? The crates are medium size.

CLE : 90 year old aunt Aug 24, '17 Comments: 1

Cleveland Hopkins Airport Traveler Help

my 90 year old aunt will be flying out of Cleveland. Although she is in pretty good physical condition. She has only flown a few times in her life and does not know her way around. Is there someone at the airport that can guide her through baggage check through TSA then to her gate
The only way to get that is to request wheelchair assistance by contacting her airline.

CLE : electric carts Aug 09, '17 Comments: 1

Cleveland Hopkins Airport Traveler Help

why are there no electric carts for concourse B or from security checkpoint to concourses?
Electric carts are for people who require wheelchair assistance to cover long distances. The distance to concourse B is short enough that they can just be pushed in their wheelchair.