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Do you have rooms available? To rent if needed? IF so how do I reserve? (And close to my gate)
Can I print my ticket out at the airport for frontier airlines and where is the kiosk if we can
How busy will the airport be at 4am friday morning?
Flight leaves at 5A. the parking shuttle does not open until 4am will I have enough time?
what is the gate for allegiant air lines
what is the gate for allegiant air lines
Had assist per flight attendant --medicine bag fell out in overhead bin. Was in turned in. I had direct flight from ATL 0815 arrived CLE 1000
You have to contact your airline.
We are moving to Cleveland and have two dogs that will travel on United airlines. The dogs will be transported in their dog crates. Where at CLE airport will be be reunited with our dogs. Is it close to exiting the baggage claim? And outside loading zone? The crates are medium size.
well I hope there are some free tickets at republic airlines because no delay is reported but yet a flight that was to leave at 6;10 am is still sitting here at 8;30 and no reason why so they better offer free tickets or this hits the papers when I land in Texas,pisses me off.
Thousands upon Thousands of people are delayed every day. Get over yourself.
We found CLE to be an uncrowded and clean Airport. An excellent choice if you need to change planes.