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Cleveland Hopkins Airport ( CLE ) Terminal Map Information

Cleveland Hopkins CLE Terminal Map CLE Concourse A CLE Concourse B CLE Concourse C CLE Concourse D CLE Main Terminal


Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has a two-level Main Terminal with Concourses A, B & C.  An information desk is between Southwest Airlines ticket counter & security checkpoint B, staffed by Airport Ambassadors with gold blazers (also located throughout the terminal), ready to help, if needed. 
TSA PreCheck
screening lanes are now available for eligible travelers - check with your airline.
From the lower level passengers can reach the RTA trains to downtown Cleveland. 
In June 2016 the new exterior facade and the ticketing hall opened. The 600-foot metal paneled canopy with embedded skylights offers an extra 12 feet of bad-weather protection. Entry to the terminal is now by means of six large revolving doors. The raised ceiling by 4 feet has metal panels with sensor-controlled LED lighting, and the floor-to-ceiling windows let plenty of  natural light flood the lobby. 
The baggage claim area was improved by LED lighting, paneled ceilings, nice column wraps and new sliding-glass exit doors. The project also included surface parking lot upgrades where canopies were added to shelter passengers from inclement weather.
- Further upgrades include the in-line baggage handling system; better snow removal, and improvements to the 'airfield  geometry'.

   The baggage claim level of the Main Terminal offers ATM & currency exchange, USO Lounge Security checkpoints, newsstand & taxi services, Hudson Aero Mart & flower shop. The new anr large Bar Symon at Concourse C offers comfort cuisine & a full bar.
    The Ticketing level of the Main Terminal offers an Information counter in the center with AMT next to it, & Valet counter, Euro Cafe & Hudston to the right, a few food & drink  & retail outlets (the separate area houses the Food Court , specialty shops). 
RENAMING of Security Checkpoints- from A, B, C  to: North, Central & South Security Checkpoints. Wait times are displayed real-time on the flight display monitors. New Central Checkpoint will remain TSA pre-check only.  At peak hours TSA will desginate a pre-check lane at South Checkpoint.  Passengers can decide on which is the closest /fastests checkpoint before getting to TSA security check.
   The Mezzanine Level of the Main Terminal allows access to all Concourses, and houses Travelex currency exchange, a few shops, & food & drink and the Airspace lounge.  
NOTE: American Airlines moved from Concourse A to Concourse C (C gates 2 - 5, 8, 10 & 14)
       Concourse A with gates A1-14 is served by Frontier, & Spirit, and offers food & drink, newsstand, ATM & shoeshine service.  'First Class Seats is next to Sammy's Beach (near A2).
       Concourse B with gates B1-11 is served by Delta & Southwest, and offers food & drink, newsstand, ATM & shoeshine.
       Concourse C with gates C1-29 is served by Air Canada, American, JetBlue & United, and offers food & drink, specialty shops, ATMs,  United Club (gate C14) & shoeshine. 'First Class Seats' is between gates C3/C5, at C17 & C25.    An underground tunnel near C-10 connects to Concourse D. 
Airline & Pay-in Lounges:

- The United Club is between gates C14/C16 (tel. 216-501-5108.
- The Airspace Lounge - a pay-in lounge at post-security, at Concourse B entrance (tel. 216-265-8486) - is accessible to all passengers and may be used for up to 3hrs.