Common Mistakes at Checkpoints


Even during the best planned trips unexpected troubles can creep up on you and throw a monkey wrench into your plans.  Most travelers, if not all, have encountered some sort of travel snafu.  The mantra “what can go wrong, will go wrong” rings true more often than not.  From minor incidences, like forgetting to pack a sunscreen for a beach holiday, to major problems, such as losing your luggage or missing a flight, unexpected issues may arise during travel.  Some issues have the potential to ruin a pleasure or business trip in a second!

On the bright side, while some of these are out of your control, other travel dilemmas can be prevented. The question now is, how? The easy answer is to prepare thoroughly ahead of your departure. In travel, and generally speaking in life, if you are well prepared for sudden changes or inconveniences, you will overcome them more easily than when unprepared.  Do you tend forget things? Make a checklist of what you want to bring on your trip. Is there an impending storm that might cause the delay or cancellation of your flight?  Stay updated on the weather and news and check with your airline to confirm flight times and details before leaving home. If you have a tight flight schedule and travel itinerary, bring healthy snacks from home to keep you on track and nourished.  This will save you time, money, aggravation and maybe even some hunger pangs.