Dallas Fort Worth Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Dallas Airport Parking Rates Summary 

Valet Parking - All cars are parked in covered garages. Available at all terminals with advance reservations; 24-hour, 7-day-a-week monitoring; cars never leave airport property; cars will be waiting at the one-hour parking area in Terminal Parking upon passengers' return. For information, call 972 574 2407.

Fee:                         $31/day plus tax

Terminal Parking - right next to all airport terminals. TollTag available with easy, automated entry/exit. Convenient, close-in DFW parking with more than 20,000 total spaces. Free Terminal Link van service terminals.

Fees:                        $24/day
First 8 mins:             $6.00 
8 mins - 30 mins:     $2.00 
30 mins - 2 hours:    $3.00
2 - 4 hrs:                   $9.00
4 - 6 hrs:                   $10.00 
6 - 24 hrs:                 $24.00

Express Parking Cheapest DFW Airport parking option. Two locations (north & south ends of Dallas airport) with 7,000 spaces. TollTag available automated entry and exit; vehicle pick-up/drop-off; shuttle van service to/from all terminals; luggage assistance by courteous shuttle drivers; Express drop-off and pick-up areas within terminal's lower level.


$12/day with uncovered

$15/day with covered (North only)

0 mins - 2 hour:         $2.00 
2 - 4 hrs:                    $3.00
4- 6 hrs:                     $4.00
6 - 24 hrs :                 $12.00
Covered parking:       $15.00

Remote Parking - two locations (north & south ends of Airport) with nearly 4,800 spaces - the most economical parking option. Continuous bus service to all terminals; luggage assistance by courteous bus drivers; flight information monitors; remote drop-off and pick-up areas at the lower level of each terminal.

Fees:                   $10/day
0 min - 2 hrs       $1.00
2 - 4 hrs              $2.00
4- 6 hrs               $3.00
6 - 24 hrs            $10.00

Cell Phone Lot: One location (North end of the airport) with 53 spaces for customers to wait for their travelers arrival. 2 hour limit. Fee: free.

Connecting / Transferring between flights with two connecting options is quick and easy at DFW International Airport:
1. SkyLink: inside security; high-speed train; connects all five terminals; takes on average five minutes; two stations in each terminal; and free service, arrive each two minutes.
2. Terminal Link: outside security; van service; pick-up/drop-off areas outside the baggage claim of each terminal; and free service, leaves every ten minutes.

You can park at DFW for 90 days (if you park longer than 90 days, your vehicles will be towed off -airport). For information, call 972-973-4840

Dallas Fort Worth ( DFW ) Airport Parking Map

Dallas Fort Worth DFW airport parking map

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