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We are flying from Guatemala City to terminal D and flying out to Kansas City from terminal C. We are American citizens. We have plenty of time, but what are the steps? Is both Immigration and Customs in terminal D? Do we recheck our luggage (American Airlines) there or do we have to take it to terminal C?
Immigration and Customs is done in Terminal D. You will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk right after, then go through security and take the Skylink train to your departure gate.
thank you so much!
What terminal does international flights leave from?
Flights to Puerto Rico are not international flights. Your flight could leave from A, C, or D if it's on American.
I'm flying into Dallas DFW from Fort Walton Beach VPS on flight number 3493 then flying from Dallas DFW to SLC on flight 1597 June 12 , 2017 is there anyway to know my terminal I'll be coming into and leaving from ?
You will fly into Terminal B and out of A, C, or D (likely A or C). The Skylink train connects all terminals and gates inside security.
How long does it take to get from terminal A to terminal E
If you can stay inside security about 10 minutes on the Skylink train. If you have to leave security and take a shuttle bus it's more like 30-40 minutes.
Hi there,

In July I am flying LHR - DFW - SCL, arriving at 15:45 and leaving at 20:15.

Am I going to have enough time to leave the airport and explore Grapevine or Dallas, for example?

Also, could you inform me of the procedure with connecting flights and luggage - do I have to recheck them in at Dallas or will they automatically be placed on the Santiago flight?

And finally, as a British Citizen, will I have to go through immigration on arrival at Dallas or is it exclusively at Santiago?

Many thanks in advance!
No, that's not enough time to leave the airport and go see anything. Since it's an International to International connection, you will go through US Immigration, Customs and Security but not have to claim your bags.
What is the fastest route from Terminal C to Terminal A
The Skylink Train
Hi! We have less than an hour between flights. Our domestic flight AA372 arrives at 3:43 pm. I believe that's terminal C. Our departing international flight AA36 leaves at 4:40 pm. I believe that's from terminal A. Is that enough time to make the connection? Do I have the correct terminals?Thanks in advance!
You will Arrive in A or C and depart from D. The Skylink train connects all terminals and gates inside security. You just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Thank you! I wasn't sure if we had to go back through security.
Do you have to collect luggage and go back through security for domestic flights when changing terminals or will baggage be transferred and we use he internal train.
If it's two domestic flights on the same reservation your bags are transferred for you. Just take the Skylink Train to your departure gate.
We are travelling home from Guadalajara to Toronto with a stop over in Dallas (March 2018) We have done this transfer many times and I always make sure I book with 3 a three hour layover. We just got a notice our times have changed we have 1 hour 32 mins I am not happy. We do have Nexus which helps but will we have enough time?
If we were in Houston we know we wouldn't make it.
With Nexus I think it's possible if the flight from Guadalajara is on-time.
Will 1 hour be enough to make a terminal change for domestic lights?
Yes, that Skylink train connects all gates and terminals inside security.