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DFW Airport Parking Fees and Locations

With nearly substantial parking stalls available in multiple parking structures, there are plenty of options at DFW airport to park long or short-term. Located opposite the roadways from the passenger terminals, parking at Dallas Airport is available for short trips to extended stays.

Terminal DFW Parking

Located right next to all Dallas airport terminals. TollTag available with easy, automated entry/exit. Convenient, close-in DFW parking with more than 20,000 total spaces. Free Terminal Link van service terminals.


First 8 mins: $6.00

8 mins - 30 mins: $2.00

30 mins - 2 hours: $3.00

2 - 4 hrs: $9.00

4 - 6 hrs: $10.00

6 - 24 hrs: $24.00

Express Parking

The Express DFW Airport parking option features two locations (north & south ends of the airport) and over 7,000 spaces. Amenities include: TollTag available automated entry and exit; vehicle pick-up/drop-off; shuttle van service to/from all terminals; luggage assistance by shuttle drivers; Express drop-off and pick-up areas within terminal's lower level.


$12/day with uncovered

$15/day with covered (North only)

0 mins - 2 hour: $2.00

2 - 4 hrs: $3.00

4- 6 hrs: $4.00

6 - 24 hrs : $12.00

Covered parking: $15.00

Remote Parking

Serving two locations (north & south ends of DFW Airport) with nearly 4,800 spaces, its the most economical parking option. Continuous bus service to all terminals; luggage assistance by courteous bus drivers; flight information monitors; remote drop-off and pick-up areas at the lower level of each terminal.


0 min - 2 hrs $1.00

2 - 4 hrs $2.00

4- 6 hrs $3.00

6 - 24 hrs $10.00

Valet Parking

Available at all terminals with advance reservations; 24-hour, 7-day-a-week security monitoring. All cars are parked in covered garages, and never leave DFW airport property; cars will be waiting at the one-hour DFW airport parking area in Terminal Parking upon passengers' return. For information, call 972 574 2407.

Fee: $31/day plus tax

Cell Phone Lot

One location at the North end of Dallas airport offers 53 spaces for customers to wait for their travelers arrival. 2 hour limit. Drivers must remain with their vehicles.

Fee: free.

Parking at DFW is permitted for up to 90 days (if you park longer than 90 days, your vehicles will be towed off-airport). For information, call 972-973-4840

Dallas Fort Worth Airport Parking Map

Dallas Fort Worth DFW airport parking map