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I have 9 people flying Southwest out of Love Field. Out of the 9 people flying, 1 person is flying from Houston and will be meeting us for our flight. She only has carry on bags and will not be needing to pick up a checked bag. We will have her boarding pass with us. Will she still have to go through TSA or just meet us at our gate and board the plane. The reason for the question is the connecting flights are only 10 minutes apart regarding the boarding time. Thanks.
She can just meet you at the gate.
With 45 minutes to make a connecting flight (SWA PDX/DCA) how far apart are the gates (coming in and going out)
DAL only has something like 16 gates. You can walk between any two in 5 minutes.
Flying from Birmingham, Al to Las Vegas in July with frozen veggies in checked bag. Is 1 hour 20 minutes enough time to make connecting flight? The non stop flight leaves too early. Have a 2 hour drive to get to the B'ham airport.
Yes, that is plenty of time. Dallas-Love is not a large airport and all you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
What terminal does Southwest Airlines flights arrive and depart? Also what terminal does Virgin Air Lines arrive and depart? Thank you.

Kathleen C. Kelley
Dallas Love Field only has one Terminal anymore.
absolutely worthless map no gate numbers
How to get from Seaport terminal to Southwest terminal?
As a consequence of extensive renovation projects lasting until 2014, the passenger terminal temporarily is now split into two, T1 & T2, enabling construction of the new ticketing wing & concourse. The temporary two terminals will be in use until construction commenced and then will return to one central terminal for all airlines.
Terminal 1 of Dallas Love Field, a stand-alone terminal, will house Continental & Delta (while Southwest continues to operated at the present terminal - now named Terminal 2). T1 will house the TSA checkpoint, ticketing, baggage checkin & baggage claim area. Continental & Delta passengers should now use the long-term Parking Garage B, accessible by a pedestrian walkway. I CANNOT FIND ANY REFERENCE TO SEAPORT.

Terminal 2 of Dallas Love Field, the original terminal and still housing Southwest Airlines, will include curbside checkin, TSA checkpoint, ticketing, baggage checkin & baggage claim areas. Southwest Airline passengers ca use the short-term Garage A or long-term Garage B, accessible from the main termnal entrance.
did you find Seaport at DAL? I haven't either...just sent email to Seaport to ask them...I'll post response when they respond
Seaport Air uses Delta gates. My flight ( Apr. 19 ) will use gate 32.
Where is United Airlines locacted at in the terminals????
most likely in temporary Terminal 1 (listed for Continental - both United and Continental officially merged last week) - you can cal 1-800-864-8331 or visit ual.com for more information (flight number, etc.)
Are all of the Southwest flights in the same terminal?
Where should I pick-up passengers flying in on SW with no baggage to claim?
Are all Southwest flights located in the same terminal area?
Is there more than one baggage claim area at DAL? I have guest arriving on Southwest and Delta.
I need to catch the bus after picking up my luggage---where exactly do I go? curbside----across street
Would the Parking Spot be able to drop me off and pick me up if I am to fly out of Delta?
there are 2 garages, Garage A for short-term and Garage B for long-term parking - both close to the terminal. The economy lot is served by a shuttle bus.
Yes the Parking Spot will stop at Terminal one if you ask the driver. Sometimes they need to go to T2 first but are happy to go to both.