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How do you get from the United B gates to the RTD train? and how long does it take to get from the B gate to the train station?
On what level is passenger pick-up? Is passenger pick-up for all airlines on the same side? I need United airlines.
where do I go to pick up passengers arriving on Frontier Airline flight
Arriving 10:06 am Delta Concourse C. Carry on bag. Is it possible to make it to Colorado Springs shuttle door 505, island 5 departing approx. 10:30?
Can you tell me the time it takes to get from United concourse B to the green ride shuttle on the EAST side of the Main terminal on level FIVE
About 15 minutes if you don't have to claim bags.
My flight lands at 6:30 am. Can I make the California Zephyr departing at 8:05 am?

Scheduled arrival 6:10 PM United Express/ Republic from
Edmonton Canada. Last shuttle to Estes Park is 7 PM (leaves from east side baggage claim level outside door 513, Island I.
Carry on baggage only. Will I make it?
Above is for Denver International AIrport.
Yes, if the flight is on-time you can make it. As you may know you will pre-clear US Immigration and customs in Edmonton.
If my flight lands at 8:05, would I be able to get out of the airport on time for an 8:30 shuttle service back home?
On a domestic flight with no checked bags that is barely enough time if everything goes perfectly. It's probably insufficient if you have checked bags or if it's an international flight.
I will be taking the train from union station to the Denver airport. my airline is in Concourse A - East. How far is that from where I will get off at the train platform? How do I get there?
It's only a 150 foot walk from the train station building to the terminal. It should take less than 10 minutes to get to the check-in desk. Even less if you don't have any bags to check and check-in online and can go straight to the security checkpoint.
After picking up myluggage from american airlines where should my ride pick me up?
American uses Terminal West baggage claim.