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How do I connect to Great Lakes Airlines# 215 - LAKES JET EXPRESS at 10:30 AM on 9/29/17?
Denver doesn't have a "Terminal 3". Are your flights on the same reservation or two separate reservations? Do you have checked bags?
Thanks for your reply. You're right, when I looked again, I'm leaving O'Hare, terminal 3.
Both flights are on the same reservation. I will have 2 checked bag. I will only have 1 1/2 hr between the flights, leaving on Great Lakes Airlines 215 (Great Lakes Air Express - never used it before . . .)
Then all you have to do in Denver is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate, both on Concourse A.
Thanks so very much, ZAP. I had no idea what the configuration of the airport is. That
sounds easy - not like O'Hare!
Arriving at 8:56 am on canadair, connecting leaves at 10:05 am on united operated by skywest dba as united express, do i have enough time to make connecting flight
"Canadair" Isn't an airline. It's a type of aircraft. If both flights are on United/United Express you have plenty of time.
Arriving Denver @ 12:56PM on Frontier with checked bags, and departing on Southwest @ 3:40 PM. Will this be enough time to get baggage and recheck with Southwest?
As long as the Frontier flight is on-time or close to it that should be enough time.
Hi I will be traveling with 2 kids. We arrive icelandair at 7pm then depart southwest 9pm. Will that be possible?
Unless you have no checked bags I think that is going to be very difficult.
We will be doing carry on.
Then that should be enough time if you check in for your Southwest flight online before leaving Iceland.
Both Frontier... Is there enough time to land at 7:07am and take off at 7:55am? Thanks
If the first flight is on-time, yes, that is enough time.
I am looking at flights for my family, 5 adults and 3 children 4yo and under. The flight I am looking at arrives at 4:55 and connecting leaves 6:20. Do you think we can do that? Thanks!
If the first flight is domestic and both flights are on the same reservation, that is enough time.
Flying Southwest, arrive Denver 4:45. Depart Denver 6:05. I have a bum knee and move slowly. Enough time?
That is plenty of time. You can get between almost all Southwest gates in 10-15 minutes.
getting into denver at 715am gate A7 need to get to gate C43 for 8am flight do i have enough time?
With no checked bags if the first flight is domestic that's barely enough time. With checked bags that's not enough time. Check in for your second flight online before you leave on the first flight.
My Southwest flight arrives in Denver at 6:50pm. My connecting flight leaves on Frontier at 7:30pm.
I will not have any bags with me. Do I have enough time to get to the boarding gate from one airline to the other in that amount of time?
With no checked bags it is possible if the Southwest flight is on-time and you are already checked-in online for your Frontier flight, but you have no time to spare.
That's what I thought! It's a bit risky, so I will check the track record of how "on time" Southwest usually is for this flight. Thank you!
Hello planning on flying on United from Cleveland into Denver with a 58 min connection time to next United flight going to Burbank, CA. Is that enough time? Do the airlines usually stay within the same hub in Denver so that if I arrive at terminal B I should also depart from terminal B if flying same carrier? Thanks so much!!!
Yes, that is enough time. Almost all United gates are in Concourse B.