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Flying from DTW to DEN on United this Friday, 12/23 - flight leaves at 4:40pm. About how much time will it take to check a bag? (Thinking of taking the Michigan Flyer to the airport but the only time I can book is to arrive at 3:20 - not sure if that is enough time)
That should be enough time. Check in lines at United are rarely long.
Thank you!!
Hello I will be traveling from Paris to the USA with a correspondence though Detroit airport. I will be travelling alone with two big luggages. Is there any chance that I get some help to transport them to the re-check stand? Thank you in advance for your answer
No, there are no people to help you - there will be carts that you can use.
I will have 1h45' layout at DTW. Is it enough time for me to finish immigration process for student visa passport. Do I have to re-check in again?
Where are you flying from and to? What airlines are you flying?
I am flying from HAN to ICN and then DTW. And I will fly with Delta.
how early can a person check in luggage
The same day as departure.
Also, the time of that day will depend on the airline. (for example the Lufthansa check-in desk doesn't open until the afternoon, however, most others should be open fairly early in the morning).